Compare Top Drone Simulator Platform

Get to know the strength and weaknesses of top vendors in Drone Simulator Platform market. Compare vendors against their competitors on the basis of criteria, the scores of which are derived by ratings from buyers, industry experts, MnM analysts and vendors. Set comparison preferences option allows you to decide features which are important to you and evaluate vendors considering them as your parameters.


  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings

    • How many advancements and innovative drone simulators were launched from 2011-2016?

    • Which platform does your drone simulator caters to ?

      To Commercial | To Military |
    • What is the compatibility of your drone simulator ?

      Fixed | Portable |
    • What are the type of drones, your drone simulator is catering to ?

      Fixed-Wing | Quadcopter | Helicopter |
  • Scalability

    • Can the same drone simulator can be used across different platforms (eg. Defense and Commercial) ?

    • Can the same drone simulator can be used in different applications(eg; fixed wing and rotary wing)?

  • Support and Services

    • Which of the following type(s) of support service your company offers?

      Manufacturing | Integration & training | After Sales Services |
    • Which of the following is the most preferred medium of delivery of support services?

      Direct Channels | In-direct Channels |
  • Product Distribution

    • How many distribution sites does a company have globally?

    • Where are all of your distributors located?

      Located in North America | Located in Europe | Located in Asia-Pacific | Located in Rest Of the World |
  • Geographic Footprint

    • In which of the following regions do you have distributors ?

      Distributors in North America | Distributors in Europe | Distributors in Asia-Pacific | Distributors in Rest of the world |
    • In which of the following regions do you have direct presence ?

      Direct presence in North America | Direct presence in Europe | Direct presence in Asia-Pacific | Direct presence in Rest of the world |
  • Breadth of Applications Served

    • Which of the following industry verticals does your company cater to?

      Commercial | Defense |
  • Channel Strategy and Fit

    • Which of the following constitutes your partner ecosystem?

      Distributors/Supplier | Training Institutions | Defense Industries |
  • Viability

    • What was your drone simulator revenue for FY2016?

      USD 50 - 100 million | < USD1 million | USD 1 - 10 million | USD 10 -50 million | >USD 100 million |
    • Percentage of FY2016 revenue generated from the following applicable regions?

      Revenue from North America | Revenue from Europe | Revenue from Asia-Pacific | Revenue from Rest of the World |
  • Vision Alignment

    • What are the challenges you face in drone simulator market?

    • How many new customers have you acquired in the last 3 years?

    • How many new drone simulator related products released in the last 3 years?

    • R&D spend, specific to drone simulator, in FY2016

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy

    • How many mergers and acquisitions have you undertaken in the past three years ?

    • How many joint ventures have you undertaken in the past three years ?

    • How many partnerships and collaborations have you undertaken in the past three?