ABB LTD in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • 1988
  • $10BN to $50BN
Company Overview
ABB’s EVSE products are classified into three categories mentioned below: Car Charging Infrastructure include products such as –
  • DC Fast Charging
  • High Power Fast Charging
  • EVLunic AC Wallbox
  • DC Wallbox
Bus and Truck Charging
  • Overnight Charging
  • Opportunity Charging
  • Flash Charging (TOSA)
Connected Services
  • Charger Connect
  • APIs for back office integration
  • Web Tools
Charger Care
  • ABB Charger Care
ABB has developed a cost efficient DC charging station which is a multi-standard solution and does not need a hefty network assembly. It is really simple to install in multiple locations and can be easily installed next to any existing AC slow charging network. It charges an electric car in about 30-120 minutes.
  • Main features :
    Charging batteries at 200 – 500 V (Terra 54), or at 200 – 920 V (Terra 54HV)
  • IEC 61000 EMC Class B certified, ideal for industrial and residential areas
New refined connector holders, for relaxed handling and more steady holding

ABB operates in businesses such as electrification products, discrete motion and automation, process automation, and power grids. The company offers a wide range of solutions for industries such as marine, power generation, automotive, and railways. The electrification products segment includes modular substation packages, distribution automation products, switchgear, circuit breakers, measuring and sensing devices, control products, solar power solutions, EV charging infrastructure, wiring accessories, and enclosures and cabling systems, including KNX systems (the recognized global standard for home and building control) and data communication networks.

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Evaluated against 60 key buying criteria
  • Product Maturity / Breadth and Depth of Offerings / Range of...
    Mutiple EV Charging Prodocts
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  • Product Maturity / New Product Development / New Product Dev...
    Multiple Product Launches
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  • Product Maturity / New Product Development / R&D Expenditure...
    Investments in GlobL EV Charging Expansions
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  • Product Maturity
    Aftermarket Service Support
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  • 3%-6%
  • >6%
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#1 Breadth and Depth of Offerings / Range of EVSE Products
#2 New Product Development / New Product Developments and Innovations - Last 3 Years
#3 New Product Development / R&D Expenditure as a % of the Overall Revenue
#4 Range of EVSE Products / More than 2
#5 Depth of EVSE Products / Greater than 2