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CHARGEPOINT INC in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

  • California, USA
  • 2007
  • $11MN to $50MN
Company Overview
Key features of CT4000 EVSE are as follows:
  • Scalable Access Control: Customers sign up to use this EVSE through the ChargePoint mobile app, eliminating the burden of managing long lists of drivers.
  • Waitlist: When the CT4000 charging station is full, drivers can join a waitlist through its mobile app and get notified when a station becomes available. The charging station is kept reserved for wait-listed drivers while they drive in and plugin.
  • Auto-Updates: It receives automatic software updates that deliver the latest improvements and users can remotely monitor, manage, and configure the station.

ChargePoint, Inc. operates as an open electric vehicle charging network. It provides cloud-based service plans as annual subscriptions for providing tools, data, payment processing, and driver support. CT4000 electric vehicle battery charger developed by Chargepoint is the right fit for all types of customers e.g. businesses, municipalities, and individuals. This EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) charges at a maximum rate of 25RPH and provides a full charge to some vehicles in less than 4 hours. It is an interactive system that provides instructions in multiple languages viz English, French and Spanish and has capacitive buttons that work in all weather conditions.

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#2 Range of EVSE Products / Less than 1
#3 Depth of EVSE Products / Between 1 to 2
#4 New Product Developments and Innovations - Last 3 Years / 1 - 2
#5 R&D Expenditure as a % of the Overall Revenue / 3%-6%