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SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INC in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

  • Rueil-Malmaison, France
  • 1836
  • $10BN to $50BN
Company Overview
Schneider Electric’s Car Charging products include:
  • EVlink Parking
  • EVlink Fast Charge Solution
  • EVlink Wallbox
  • EVlink Smart Wallbox
The EVlink Wallbox is durable and robust. It can be used in rough situations, at home and in private properties. The range is made of Wallbox Standard and Wallbox Plus. In addition to all features accessible in Wallbox Standard, Wallbox Plus is tailored with a built-in defense against the remaining direct currents, and a device to prevent exceeding the subscribed electrical power.

Schneider Electric specializes in providing energy management and automation solutions. The company operates through 4 business segments: building, industry, infrastructure, and IT. It is a global leader for products in a variety of technologies including building automation, industrial automation, energy distribution, low voltage products, and energy storage systems. The company offers EV charging systems under the electric vehicle charging segment. The company’s product portfolio includes fast chargers and wallbox chargers for residential and outdoor applications. The company also provides connected charging stations, which are ideal for semi-public parking facilities, corporate EV fleets, and apartment complexes. In the EV charging segment, the smart wallbox charging station has advanced features such as user authentication, billing and report generation, and remote maintenance. In addition, the company provides field services for efficient maintenance of its EV charging infrastructure.

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    Charging Asset Management
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  • Product Maturity / Depth of EVSE Products / Greater than 2
    Energy Management
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    Easy To Use
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#1 Depth of EVSE Products / Greater than 2
#2 Breadth and Depth of Offerings / Range of EVSE Products
#3 Breadth and Depth of Offerings / Depth of EVSE Products
#4 Range of EVSE Products / More than 2
#5 New Product Developments and Innovations - Last 3 Years / 1 - 2