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YAZAKI CORPORATION in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • 1941
  • $10BN to $50BN
Company Overview
Yazaki’s Charging connector solutions include:
  • New AC charging connector T2V-01
  • AC charging connector T1V-03
  • AC charging Intel T1L-02
  • DC charging Intel CHL-02
  • DC charging connector CHV-03
  • DC charging connector CHV-04
The DC charging connector CHV-04 packs some really unique features, listed below:
  • Easy Handling - Grip shape ergonomically designed. It comes equipped with a0020flexible cabtyre cable.
  • Safety Structure – It has a latch position detection capability that facilitates safer charging.
  • Connector Uncoupling Prevention Function- An electromagnetic lock stops uncoupling during charges.

Yazaki is a privately held company involved in the manufacturing and development of a wide range of automotive components. The company offers electronic products, EV connectors, wire harnesses, and meters to the automotive industry. Yazaki Corporation is also engaged in the production of air-conditioning equipment, solar equipment, electric wires and cables, and gas equipment. In addition, the company is involved in several other businesses such as paper recycling, glass recycling, food recycling, agribusiness, nursing care, and food.

The company offers both AC and DC charging connectors, which enhance the charging operation of hybrid and electric vehicles. In 2017, the company launched its Type 2 charging connector, which is the standard adopted in Europe for normal charging. The launch of this connector allowed Yazaki to have a complete portfolio of charging products.

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