Five ways 360Quadrants helps you buy better

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360Quadrants allows buyers to take simple, risk-free buying decisions. Buyers can study reviews from peers, experts, and vendors before making a purchase; the platform presents validated ratings and reviews of vendors. In addition, our analysts are happy to guide clients towards a solution that meets their specific requirement


Share a problem faced by your business

There exist several internal and external factors that influence business operations. Hence, business conditions are never stagnant. On 360Quadrants, you can express the problems your business is facing without fear or hesitation and let vendors and industry experts propose solutions that you can consider.

Set standards for your purchases

What are some important criteria to evaluate before taking a buying decision?  Not every buyer will have an answer to this question. However, this value-creating question could help several buyers make better buying decisions by guiding them toward researching the most valued buying criteria. 360Quadrants removes the need for lengthy and potentially biased research by offering a list of products that are relevant and specific to your needs.


Unbiased Decision Making

360Quadrants relies on inputs from four stakeholders – peers, industry experts, vendors, and analysts – to provide you with unbiased insights. We also provide our buyers with the most-searched buying criteria to allow you to make effective strategic decisions. Reviewing these search trends can significantly impact decision making process, often helping buyers refine future searches more accurately. Bias-free decisions can help you obtain the required outcome and increase your chances of securing a good deal from vendors.

Connect and Negotiate with Vendors

360Quadrants allows you to enjoy a more client-centric approach for your business; an approach wherein vendors take efforts to help solve your business problems instead of simply focusing on selling their products to you. Our platform allows you to leverage the experience of other stakeholders who have insights into the same problems that your business is currently facing; an insight developed through endless phone calls, discussions, and consultations. Using these insights, you can look for and get in direct touch with proactive vendors who can offer consultation as a part of the package.

Granular Comparison

360Quadrants compares different vendors and analyses their products or services using over 100 buying criteria. This allows us to provide our valued buyers with granular, exhaustive comparisons that give them the differentiated solutions they need.

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