Recent developments in Managed Services space

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Managed services are deployed by enterprises to manage their IT infrastructure and allow them to focus on their core competencies. These services reduce the load of maintaining and managing IT functions such as network management, IT infrastructure, communication & collaboration, security, and data center management. They also allow enterprises to transfer their Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to Operational Expenditure (OPEX).

Managed Services

Recent developments in the managed services sector include the following:

World’s Biggest Virtual Packet Core Launched by T-Mobile with Cisco

T-Mobile announced that the virtualized packet core buildout has been completed using Cisco’s distributed software-defined network (SDN) architecture. This is touted to be the world’s biggest, as it is said to support more than 70 million customers. These companies have signed a five-year agreement for the continual buildout of T-Mobile’s 5G Packet Core and Policy Suite. This will span hardware, software, as well as services. Using this solution, 5G can be deployed nationwide for virtualization as well as for cloud to enhance the speed at which customers receive services.

Cisco Given Multi-Year Contract by Mobily

Etisalat (Mobily), a leading mobile and data service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed a 5-year agreement with Cisco for next-generation Cloud and Managed Service solutions. With this deal, Cisco’s current scope of work will expand. It will now include the management and operation of Mobily’s network as well as third-party vendor equipment and devices across multiple markets. This is expected to result in enhanced automation and efficiency for Mobily. Cisco’s Managed Services solutions are a combination of networking expertise and intellectual capital with analytics and real-time device monitoring, which can assist greatly in improving overall performance as well as enhance the level of reliability. It is also expected to decrease the requirement of human resource intervention in Mobily’s network operations, which will lead to cost savings and a reduction in operating expenses for Mobily.

Accenture Picked by ETS to Drive Innovation by Transformation on the Cloud

ETS, which is the world’s largest private, non-profit educational testing & assessment organization, has announced the selection of Accenture not only to build but also migrate and manage its cloud environment. This partnership is expected to help it meet its goals of digital transformation and drive innovation as well as improvements in operations. Its main aim though is to help advance quality and equality in education by providing fair & valid assessments, research, and related services. It plans to do this by enhancing its portfolio of solutions and products. ETS has signed a multi-year contract with Accenture to provide end-to-end management of its AWS cloud environment. The agreement will also help ETS with cost optimization and billing management using Accenture’s flagship cloud management service, Accenture Prime.

“Healthcare Personal Service Platform” Launched by Fujitsu Fujitsu announced the development of its Fujitsu Healthcare Solution Healthcare Personal Service Platform for integrated management of offerings for customers based on their health and medical information. The new service is capable of aggregating and integrating personal health records, safely and securely storing this information. Fujitsu has significant experience in developing regional healthcare network systems and electronic medical record (EMR) systems and has the largest market share in Japan for these. It has developed this new service to store data robustly for companies and regional authorities who plan to offer new services using this information. This service helps to centrally manage and utilize healthcare data, create cross-industry services using this information as well as data with local authorities and pharmacies.

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