Services offered by industrial control system security

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Services provided by vendors in the industrial control systems security market can be mainly categorized into consulting and integration services, support and maintenance services, training and development services, incident report services and managed services.

Consulting and integration services

Industrial control systems security experts help organizations assess the condition, identify and mitigate the risks, and fill the gaps in the security of their cybersecurity systems. An investigation to determine the state of control systems is an integral part of the ICS lifecycle. Consulting helps firms identify vulnerabilities in their systems.

industrial control systems security

Support and maintenance services

Support and maintenance services help organizations complete activities without any discrepancy, perform regular checks, and solve operational problems.

Training and development services

Training and development services include detailed conversations with employees, teaching methodologies, and knowledge & skill transfer that aids firms in managing infrastructure security. ICS vendors have launched several informative educational programs to fill the gaps in knowledge and make sure cybersecurity solutions are implemented properly. It helps in ensuring the security of all laptop and computing devices, which is essential for the protection of data.

Incident response services

ICS vendors provide incident response services to help organizations with how security incidents should be handled. Incident responses are a standardized and well-coordinated set of practices that need to be followed when a cyberattack happens. Incident report services help organizations chart down a clear set of protocols to be followed before, during, and after security incidents. Implementing incident response services is of high importance in managing the outcome of incidents.

Managed security services

Managed services are offered by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to help firms keep a complete watch over all the systems in their network infrastructure. Managed services help lower the risk of security breaches while handling vital components.

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