What is 3D Animation?

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3D Animation refers to the process of producing three-dimensional images in a digital environment. This process is widely used by graphic designers, visual effects engineers, and animators to deliver realistic and innovative imagery. Objects, or models, are created on a computer monitor, and 3D figures are manipulated with a virtual skeleton in this process.


3D animation involves certain essential stages; modeling, layout & animation, and rendering followed by the addition of Visual Effects (VFX). The modeling phase entails the generation of 3D objects within a scene. The layout and animation phase depicts the process followed for positioning and animating objects within a certain scene. The rendering phase provides the result or output of the completed graphics.

Different types of software are used in 3D animation; these range from high-end professional ones to affordable low-end versions. Motion graphics, which is a set of digital footage that creates the illusion of motion, are also used in 3D animation.

Currently, animation is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing industries in the world. With the increasing technological advancements, the animation process is no more limited to the media and entertainment industry. It has come to be associated with other sectors such as medicine, education, engineering, architecture, advertisement, and marketing.

The animation industry is witnessing different animation trends to sustain in the competitive market. With advancements in technologies, the animation process has become easier and less complicated than the traditional one.

In the traditional animation method, images were hand-drawn with every image showing some subtle changes from the other image. When these images played back in a sequence, an illusion of movement was created. In the case of 3D, everything is carried out using a computer. The dimensions are produced by changing the placement and the poses of 3D models that have already been created. The final generated scene can be viewed easily from several angles. 3D animation software and motion graphics have the capability to make even the most complex and challenging ideas engaging and entertaining.

Animators are continually learning new tricks and displaying phenomenal changes in presenting simulation procedures or motion pictures. They are taking full advantage of technology, which is helping them appeal to a greater audience effectively.

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