Zoho Books – Simplifying bank reconciliation with a smart accounting software

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Accounting software is solutions record bookkeeping exchanges inside utilitarian modules, including debt claims, creditor liabilities, preliminary parity, and finance. These solutions operate as bookkeeping data frameworks. Accounting software is also used to monitor exchanges and incomes, perform estimations, and generate reports. Accounting software helps boost productivity and proficiency and decreases costs. To keep end of year accounting on track, users need to reconcile their books, including credit cards, bank statements, and other accounts related to their business. Accounting software basic features contains – sales tracking, automated invoicing, timekeeping, financial reporting, and accounts payable, accounts receivable functions, tracking company inventory and purchase orders, receipt capture via document and analytics for budgeting and revenue tracking.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a scalable and straightforward accounting software that has been the favorite of businesses of all sizes due to its pocket-friendly pricing and user-friendliness. It can be integrated with Slack, Office 365, and GSuite, as well as a number of payment service providers such as Add-on APIs and mobile apps. With Zoho Books, the businesses can automate recurring activities such as billing, payment reminders, auto charge and payment thank you note. It allows users to manage multiple time sheets of different projects and tracking of reimbursable expenses to help you to take intelligent and data-based decisions.

Zoho Books accounting software offers several functions – contact management, invoices, expenses, sales and purchase orders, project time tracking and inventory management. Zoho comes with automatic bank feeds, collaborative client portal, accounting and taxing, online payments, invoice templates and analytical reports.

Zoho Books Features

  • Zoho Books solution has the analytical capabilities that provide reports for receivables, payables, cash flow, income and expenses via its dashboard.
  • Zoho Books manages your invoices while keeping expenses in check. Zoho Books record, monitor and reconcile your bank transactions with your accountant in real-time.
  • Zoho Books can send professional invoices and receive online payments from a single platform and helps to regain control over your finances and save more.
  • Zoho Books is designed smartly with extreme attention given to detailing and a bundle of useful functions that is relatively painless to operate.
  • Zoho Books platform provides more than 50 reports from basic accounting reports to needful sales reports.
  • The customers can purchase products and services irrespective of their location and can get rid of boring and repetitive tasks. It is available at an affordable Zoho Books pricing point.
  • Zoho Books can schedule your assignments and tasks and track and follow up activities via smartphone or tablet.
  • Zoho Books can be accessed from any device at any time. Zoho Books makes it easy to manage the financial data at the click of a button.

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