Artificial Intelligence Software and Reasons to Use Them

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Artificial intelligence, commonly shortened to AI, has become an integral part of business software and is projected to continue dominating the software market in the foreseeable future. AI software Companies incorporates machine learning (ML) and deep learning into its functionality with an aim to better automate user tasks, save time and energy, make jobs simpler, and boost productivity.

The Top Ten Vendors in the Artificial Intelligence Software Market are:

  1. THRON: THRON, from the DAM family, is an agile, omnichannel platform for brand management and content delivery. Infused with AI functionality, THRON can profile website visitors and generate useful leads. This solution manages the lifecycle and performance of content, enabling companies to exert complete control over delivery and data collection.
  2. ArcGIS: ArcGIS comes with advanced abilities, such as the ability to apply location-based analytics to existing business practices. With contextual tools that visualize and analyze data, ArcGIS helps users gain useful business insights. ArcGIS also helps implement real-time collaboration through apps, maps, reports, and dashboards.
  3. Farrago: Data scientists can take weeks to make sense of data. Farrago helps them do it (and more!) in no time using automated ML. The instant results provided by this solution boost business decision making, save money and help enhance productivity.
  4. AlphaSense: AlphaSense uncovers useful information in a short span of time. With this software, businesses will not lose market opportunities due to time-intensive research. The solution makes use of statistical techniques that enable it to interpret data in a similar manner to humans.
  5. Kairos: Kairos is used by developers and other stakeholders to create sophisticated facial recognition software that makes use of the Kairos API. It comes with advanced features and cutting-edge security and is provided at affordable rates. It has also been rated high on the ease-of-use scale.
  6. New Relic: New Relic enables developers to create apps and dashboards as well as unlock new transformations. It removes the need for looking at never-ending metrics, as it highlights metrics of entities and interprets data swiftly.
  7. Aiden: Aiden is a cutting-edge platform that is ideal for boosting the marketing strength of businesses. It automates workflows using new-age AI analytics and helps make acquisitions easier. Its key features include aggregation of overall marketing information, consistent recommendations for improvement, and single-click activation.
  8. Albert: Albert features self-learning capabilities that continuously improve the effectiveness of digital advertisements and enhance their efficiency and precision. Albert is a platform that makes digital marketing campaigns successful.
  9. NEO: Software developers and chip makers rely on NEO to validate ML models that earlier required manual intervention. With Neo-AI, sophisticated AI models can be run on devices that have resource constraints. This solution has applications in autonomous vehicles, anomaly detection, and home security.
  10. Amy: Amy enhances meetings and scheduling processes while securing data from third parties. Its encryption functionalities and secure cloud services can filter email attachments and do much more in order to enhance security.

Other leading Artificial Intelligence Platforms include Arya, Auris, BAAR, Byron, Chatbot, Clara, Clarity, Clickworker, Ellie, Eva, HIRO, Indico, Modelshop, Ori, Playground, Prodigy, Quill, Review, Scribe, Sesame, Sia, Site24x7, Warden, and Wordsmith.

Reasons to Use Artificial Intelligence Software

  • Automation of repetitive tasks: Businesses leverage AI software to automate tedious tasks that earlier required human intervention. This enables employees to concentrate on the more important and complex aspects of their jobs.
  • Predictive functionality: Predictive features perform tasks and provide outcomes without the need for human intervention. For instance, an inventory management software can use predictive functionality to add new stock to a report by itself.
  • Advanced decision-making: Humans have started using Artificial Intelligence software to help make intelligent decisions. With machine learning, guesswork is eliminated and the analytical proof is provided for critical business decisions.

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