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ARA is a fully-featured document and content management software designed for multiple platforms. CARA provides end-to-end solutions allow the user to manage stored content from multiple platforms such as Documentum, SharePoint Alfresco or Oracle WebCenter, and number of other tools, at one single place.CARA provides great customization and personalization for content management in multiple fields. The online system offers Offline Access, Archiving & Retention, Collaboration, Approval Process Control, and Rules-Based Workflow at one place. CARA is a cloud-based platform that provides functionally-rich solutions effective business processes.

CARA Features

  • CARAis a friendly and flexible user interface for Documentum, Oracle WebCenter and Alfresco. CARA is powered by business rules configuration tool suite with extensive customization capabilities.
  • CARAtools supports to financial services including mortgage, loan applications, other case-management activities, and managing marketing materials or due diligence documentation.
  • CARA can connect individually or simultaneously to multiple content management systems such as Box, Amazon S3, SharePoint, Documentum and Alfresco.
  • CARA is supported by the business rules configuration layer that rapid setup and configuration of the repository to requirements. It facilitates the creation, review, approval and management of information.
  • CARA can make choices and changes to the way CARA looks and works and that changes can be saved automatically and used wherever the user logs in, even from mobile.
  • CARA has a rich set of configurations that allows the setup of use cases from SOPs to Media Marketing to Government to Engineering systems.  CARA can be fully customized that can add any menu item, custom screen and define the processing such as queries, API, server method, RESTful web service, JavaScript.
  • CARA offers flexible navigation. The user can build their own navigation tree and can select what each level maps to. CARA CMS tool provides information quickly from instant type-ahead results, dynamic folders and from filtered reports.

CMS Tools

CMS tools (content management system tools)are parts of software designed to create, edit, publish, manage, and store digital content.CMS tools are widely used by businesses to help in the management of website content blog, or any other field. It help users to add increased functionality and depth to the curated content from the CMS. CMS tools allow users to design a website by using different features and content types. CMS tools are usually used in conjunction with a CMS and can be integrated with web content management (WCM) software, marketing automation software, and content analytics software. CMS Toolsinfrastructure should have proper programmers available with highly specialized in a preferred programming language. Other vendors of CMS Tools include – Dspace, SendSpace, Binarynights, WETRANSFER, GRAVATAR, Bxslider, Mambo Foundation, Fetch Softworks, Rapidgator, TubeBuddy, Pastel and AREA 17.

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