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Transformica is an e-Learning platform that allows professionals to create interactive eLearning courses and assessments, and track student progress in real-time. The platform is useful for schools, teachers, and students. Students can buy ready-made eLearning packages that are closely coordinated to the curriculum across a wide range of subjects. Transformica provides several solutions including Content Library – a digital library that includes ready-made courses and assessments; eLearning app – a free learning app to access courses and assessments; Progress Tracker – tracks the progress of students by using real-time reports and dashboards; and Authoring Tool – a tool to create courses and assessments.


  • As Transformica cloud-based Authoring Tool, it gives anyone the ability to create interactive eLearning courses and assessments.
  • Transformica eLearning Authoring Tools are used to author several e-learning courses and also helps in the real-time tracking of students and their progress.
  • Transformica uses a number of interactive and innovative tools to create unique courses for maximum student engagement.
  • Transformica eLearning Authoring Tools allows the publishers to create excellent interactive eLearning assessment packages for their textbooks. The publishers can sell eLearning courses and assessments directly through Transformica’s Content Library. It also allows publishers to sell access of their eLearning courses via physical access cards.
  • It offers a free version, multi-user collaboration, scoring, skill testing, and test or quiz creation.Transformica includes business hours support and gives training via documentation.
  • Transformica’s eLearning App allows accessing eLearning courses and assessments that can be purchased from their publishing content partners. Transformica’s Progress Tracker gathers student progress data from the eLearning App and displays the progress data in real-time reports and dashboards.

E-learning Authoring Tools

E-Learning authoring tool is a software that can be used to create e-Learning modules, quizzes or assessments. E-Learning authoring tools are used to create online courses and quizzes. The authoring tools are used to create digital learning content or e-learning. Learning authoring tools comes in many shapes and sizes. They help to develop slide-based e-learning with interactive elements and output your content in multiple formats like HTML5, SCORM and ePub. E-Learning authoring tool enables the creation of digital content and allows the user to generate and manipulate multimedia objects.  E-Learning authoring tools are used by instructional designers in learning and development teams to produce training materials for their employees.

Other vendors of eLearning Authoring Tools include – Wolfram, Slidepresenter, Campwire, Iseazy, Magic Software Enterprises, Cerego, Rustici Software, Uptale, Web Computing, Articulate, Absorb Learning, Solidprofessor, Enthralltech, Vitalsource Technologies, Stepik, Classtime And Epignosis Elearning Solutions.

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