Enhance Your Visualization Capability With the Highly Sclalble IBM Watson IoT Platform

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IoT platforms are an essential component of the IoT ecosystem. IoT platforms allow businesses to lower development costs, minimize risks, accelerate time-to-market, accelerate launches, and streamline processes. IoT platforms help store, process, and analyze data collected from IoT devices. An IoT platform allows companies to merge modern IoT technologies on a multinational scale and with current business processes, take into consideration how to link sensors, execute analytics, and process technologies—all while maintaining high levels of security.

IBM Watson IoT Platform

IBM is a global market leader in AI, IoT, and cloud-based software, services, and technologies. The company is one of the leading providers in the IoT cloud platform market. IBM Watson IoT Platform is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service that simplifies and develop business value from IoT devices. IBM Watson’scloud-hosted service enables device registration, connectivity, control, rapid visualization, and data storage. IBM Watson IoT is a highly scalable platform that helps in device enrollment, interconnection, quick mapping, and data storage of IoT.

IBM Watson IoT Platform on the cloud offers visualization and AI-driven insight tools for businesses to scale quickly and efficiently. The cloud’s visualization analytics software and AI-driven business intelligence provide a set of analytical features to the companies to enhance, extend, and eventually obtain knowledge from the data in a clear and intuitive approach. IBM Watson uses blockchain technology to exchange and protect data through the corporate network and allows the IoT and other resources to verify authenticity and activities in a transparent and permanent ledger.

IBM Watson IoT Platform links the information moving from the products and services through the decision systems serving the company. The platform identifies market events and patterns, interprets unorganized video and picture information, and derives unstructured textual knowledge. IBM Watson IoT Platform can read, process, and convert system data easily and quickly. IBM Watson keeps IoT healthy by handling danger and gaining information across the IoT environment, utilizing dashboards and advanced warnings to track computers, applications, and connections.

IBM has been focusing on inorganic growth strategies, such as agreements and collaborations, to strengthen its foothold in the market.   The company allows clients to explore new business models, create service excellence, transform industries, and eliminate inefficiencies.

IBM made several investments globally to combine AI and the Internet of Thing offerings and introduce in the market. IBM is bringing the power of cognitive computing to the connected devices that comprise the IoT, helping to transform the way of living and working. IBM is an IoT leader with more than 6,000 client engagements in 170 countries, 1,400 partners in the IT ecosystem, and more than 750 IoT patents.

Recent Developments in IBM Watson IoT Platform

In June 2020, IBM Watson Team collaborated Anaconda Inc, a leading Python data science platform, to simplify enterprise adoption of AI open-source technologies. With this collaboration, businesses can exploit a repository of open-source tools that they can manage in any cloud environment. Request IBM Watson IoT Platform Pricing to get more information.

In April 2019, Adesto Technologies Corporation, IBM, and NXP Semiconductors demonstrated a powerful solution for a new level of security for the deployment of smart building and the Industrial Internet of Things.  Adesto’s SmartServer IoT edge server and IBM Watson IoT Platform, along with NXP’s ready-to-use A71CH, offer additional security for businesses when connecting their systems securely to the IBM Cloud.

In July 2018, IBM Watson IoT partnered with Red Eléctrica de España, Sole Co-operativa, and Tele2 Netherlands to improve operations and increase service offerings with the power of AI-enabled, IBM Cloud-based IoT technologies. The partnership allowed IBM to extend its business operations across European countries.

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