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Zeno is a fully-featured cloud platform developed by online travel and expense management technology company, Serko. It is a travel booking tool powered by intelligent technology to automate and streamline expense management. Zeno is the online travel platform that help organizations manage their travel booking and expense programs with ease and transparency. It enables to self-book and manage multi-segment itineraries such as flights, accommodation, and hire cars. Zeno delivers corporate travel programs, traveler satisfaction, cost control, travel policy compliance and expense administration with powerful and intuitive online tools.

Zeno Features

  • Zeno is an enterprise-grade platform that provides rich travel management solutions for an intelligent and more intuitive customer experience.
  • Zeno is an integrated travel and expense management solution that offers corporate travelers the ease and simplicity, customized to each corporate’s requirements, keep their travelers connected across every phase of travel.
  • Zenocloud platform infused with artificial intelligence helps the businesses to minimize the cost of travel programs through intelligent itinerary recommendations, actionable cost-saving insights and seamless policy application.
  • Zeno’s conversational transaction ability delivers a jaw-dropping user experience. Ask Zeno chatbot uses conversational language to make the travel booking process easy. The recommended itineraries such as flights, accommodation, and hire cars are built around a traveler’s preferences through machine learning.
  • Zeno platform offers personalized travel booking experience from airline seats to hotels and ground transport options. It keeps travelers connected with your suppliers from pick-up to drop-off.
  • The travel program managers can also customize the marketplace to preferred vendors in each category, which makes the road life easier for travelers and maximizing corporate negotiated rate value.

Expense Management Software

Expense Management Software refers to the systems used by businesses to process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses. The software manages expense claim, authorization, audit and repayment processes, technologies and services used to process and analyze the data. The software can help to simplify and automates a business’s expense entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper trail, and reduces administrative effort. It offers the capabilities for employees to input expenses for approval through a browser or mobile application. There are two types of expense management software- Standalone expense management software and Travel and expense management software.

Other vendors of Expense Management Software include VA Tech Ventures (Happay), usebx (Bx), KDS, Alice Inc, Concur Technologies Inc (SAP Concur), Zoho Corporation, Expend, FyleInc, Serko, ExpensifyInc, Itilite Technologies Private Limited, Smart Thought Technologies, Prepaid Expense Card Solutions Inc, Paycom Software Inc, Ltse (Runway), Deem, Receipts, ReceiptBank, TechMojo Solutions Pvt Ltd (ROKA), DIVVY, PaperWorks, BrexInc and High-Touch Communications Inc.

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