Flow Review: The Best Modern Project & Collaboration Management Tool

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Project Management Software (PMS) is on the mostly used tool by project managers to track multiple factors of project management. The main factors managed are their teams work in terms of client requirements, time management, budget and scope. This software also manages like functions which include task distribution, team collaboration, quality management, time tracking, resource management, and communication.

PMS Project management software (PMS) is the tool which helps to plan, organize, and manage resource tools and estimate resource activities. Online PMS is now widely used by small and medium-sized businesses across different industries. Online PMS uses cloud-based technology and is offered by application service providers as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Project management software assists employees, administrators, and teams with managing team goals and long-term projects, as well as coordinating individual tasks. Project management software accomplishes this through a range of tools to manage workloads, monitor productivity, and allocate resources.

Flow- Project Management Software

Flow is one of the leading modern task and project management software for teams.It is available in a subscription-based pricing model with per-user monthly or annual billing. Support options include support articles, video tutorials and email. The integration of the software with multiple tools allow one to create tasks and subtasks. It allows users to visually organize their projects with top-down project management and in-depth task tracking. Each dashboard provides assigned tasks with its related conversations and documents. Flow project management software is an all-in-one tool that helps coordinate all of your team’s work. It brings together your tasks, projects, timelines, files, and conversations, and integrates with your favourite tools, to help you achieve more together. Flow is available on web, desktop, ios and android.

The main features of the Flow project management software:

Actionable Chats

Create tasks directly from chat immediately, without getting away from what you’re doing. Add a due date and you’re all set — no more copying, pasting or paraphrasing.

Direct Message Discreetly

Some conversations aren’t for everyone’s eyes. That’s why Flow has direct messaging — so you can talk with as many people as you need in private.

Grab Attention with a Mention

Ugh, shoulder-taps are so uncouth, aren’t they? Instead, get someone’s attention with a quick mention in a chat room.

Work without Distractions

Get alerts when you’re mentioned in chat or DM’d. The rest of the time, work totally distraction-free.

Drop Files into Conversations & Tasks

It’s dead simple to share any file you need in chat and in task discussions — from screenshots to PSDs to Keynotes.

Upvote the Best Ideas

Lots of ideas fly around in chat. Show support (or instant approval) for the best ones by liking them.

Brilliantly organize next steps, tasks, and entire projects.

Turn chats into tasks, and then organize your next steps into entire projects. Flow is built on a robust task manager trusted by 1000s of teams, including Tesla, Etsy and TED.

Collaborate, Plan, Repeat

When you want to get a razor-edge focus on a single task that’s bubbled up from chat, create a task and have a superfocused discussion.

Not Just Project Management. Mission Control.

Flow gives you plenty of ways to get a quick high-level view of the entire project. Take everything in, and easily assess the status of a job.


It is one of the biggest unit of this tool and one can arrange as per business needs. One can create separate departments or teams within a company or individual products is allowed to be created in workspaces. Separate Icons are created for each workspace and it has its own members or groups and list which different from other workspaces.


It is the second-largest structure and one of the ideal way to get connect, tasks assignment and ensures that workspace is moving on. List is normally created with individual tasks and it is completely public. It has the option of secret too for any security issue.


Groups are the organized lists and can be shared within workspaces. One can add or remove tasks from lists from the group based on the project or workflow changes.


It is one of the smallest unit and normally assigned directly from the app’s task form, through the Quick Taskbar or by emailing messages. Task has multiple properties like history of updates, comments, files, attachments.  Once you update any tasks and it shows next scheduled task automatically.


Chat option is can be accessed from most of areas of the tool. It is situated in the lower right corner of the screen and one can chat instantly by clicking on it. It has dedicated chat app for mobile devices.


Each workspace has its own dashboard which helps in view, edit and comment on the various tasks.  The dashboard shows the latest feeds constantly which includes recent tasks and list activity. The dashboard is perfect for the landing page for flow account of the company as it shows updated feeds of work.


Calendar is one of the most important feature which is not normally provided by project management tool. The calendar is useful in ‘creating, editing and rescheduling upcoming tasks’. The calendar is helpful to everybody’s upcoming tasks or just your own. One can check all upcoming tasks that are due that day.

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