Fusion 360: An Advanced 3D Printing Software

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Fusion 360 is a cutting-edge 3D Printing Software that provides cloud-based 3D CAM, CAD, and CAE functionalities for product development. This solution integrates mechanical &industrial design, simulation, collaboration, and machining on one platform. This software is a one-stop solution for all product design and development process needs. Fusion 360 synchronizes bidirectional modifications from electronic designs seamlessly through EAGLE interoperability and makes use of cloud credits to prepare and analyze multiple tests swiftly without the need for expensive hardware.

The salient features of Fusion 360 3D Printing Software are highlighted below.

  1. 3D Design & Modeling: Fusion 360 is used to create and edit sketches with dimensions, sketch constraints, and a robust set of sketching tools. With this solution, creating history-based features that update with design changes—including revolve, extrude, sweep, and loft—is swift and easy.
  2. Electronics: Users rely on Fusion 360 to generate drill files, gerbers, and assembly files for PCB manufacturing. This software enables users to fulfill manufacturing requirements through customizable design rules. Users can stay focused on planning without having to create new parts every time by making use of Fusion 360’s PCB component wizards and expansive library content.
  3. Generative Design: WithFusion 360, it is easy to generate manufacturing-ready outcomes that fulfill planning requirements while ensuring minimum weight, enhanced performance, and consolidated parts. Simultaneously generating design options in order to fulfill the manufacturing process &merchandise performance requirements is quick and simple with this solution.
  4. Simulation: Simulation is a breeze with Fusion 360, as is testing designs in order to make sure they are applicable under real-world conditions. Users can simulate product designs digitally, reducing the cost of prototyping through the use of fully validated solvers.
  5. Fusion 360 Pricing:

Fusion 360 pricing comes in three durations: monthly, yearly, and three-yearly. Pricing details are outlined below.

  • Monthly – $39.21
  • Yearly– $291.23
  • Three-yearly – $784.07

For more insight into pricing, customers can either contact an authorized vendor or visit the official Fusion 360 website.

  • Fusion 360 Demo: The demos offered by Fusion 360 include private (free 1-year subscription), commercial (all features + 300 credits), and academic (free 1-year subscription for educators, college students, and academic institutions).

What is 3D Printing Software?

Architects, construction professionals, creatives, and related users leverage 3D printing software to print 3D objects after creating them using 3D modeling software. 3D printing solutions translate models into data that can be understood by a 3D printer. Another name for 3D printing software is ‘slicer software’ because it ‘slices’ 3D models into sections and enables 3D printers to create objects slice by slice. 3D printing software has applications in creative studios and maker spaces with 3D printers; however, anyone with a 3D printer need this software to be able to print 3D designs.

Leading 3D Printing Software include Fusion 360, Blender, DIVERGENT, NX, Onshape, Solid Edge, Tinkercad, 3DPrinterOS, 3D Slash, Geomagic Freeform, Makeprintable, Markforged, MeshLab, OctoPrint, OpenSCAD, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D, Slic3r, and UltimakerCura.

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