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Bayan human resources management system is developed by Jordan based software company, Sky Software. Bayan HRM is an advanced specialized web-based cloud-ready system that simplifies the processing of all human resources and payroll transactions for detailed and summarized reporting facilities. The system is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels with the aim of maintaining employee data to provide a smooth flow for human resource workflow transactions. Bayan also helps in preventing any unnecessary double work and errors, improves efficiency, and simplifies information distribution and reporting. Bayan software maintains employee data efficiently.

Bayan Features

  • Bayan can be integrated with the important operations such as employee attendance control, human resources and personnel operations, employee training, medical insurance, and payroll with back-office JV interface.
  • Bayan mobile helps the employees to submit requests, control and track key factors in the organization like leaves and attendance. It provides a centralized, controlled and well organized human resource workflow. Bayan mobile save employees and management time and helps to eliminate unnecessary double work and errors.
  • Bayan human resources software includes benefits management, career development planning, employee database, employee lifecycle management, performance appraisal, a self-service portal, succession planning, and time-off management, timesheets, training management, time and attendance management, performance management, and 360-degree feedback.
  • Bayan workflow system can manage and optimize HR functions to ensure greater productivity for both the employee as well as the organization. The software manages leave requests, job requisitions, warnings, recognitions, change of employee status, performance appraisals and probation periods evaluations.
  • Bayan system can accept and process transactions with other internal and external systems. The software keeps full documentation of workforce actions, keeps a record of employee grades with their minimum and maximum pay,a record of working hours of employees and leaves.

Human Resource Software

Human Resource software is also known as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that helps organizations to manage employee records and information. The software focuses on managing employee time and attendance, training and e-learning, payroll, benefits administration, analysis of data, performance management, recruiting, talent management, onboarding and offboarding,labor-management and many more. HR software system offers a structured outline for HR professionals regarding process-oriented administrative tasks.

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