Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions identify, authenticate, and authorize individuals or groups to enable them to access hardware, applications, systems, resources, networks, or other technology within an organization. IAM software ensures that the right individuals gain access to the right resources at the right time. IAM systems offer one digital identity for each individual to streamline access management for enterprises.

Identity and Access Management

IAM Solutions

IAM is a crucial solution for businesses that rely heavily on technology, as it helps deal with the increasing complications in modern data security. The demand for IAM is steadily rising due to changing technological environments and increasingly rigorous compliance requirements. Identity and Access Management platforms help effectively manage personally identifiable information (PII) and other relevant data about individuals, hardware, and software. IAM addresses issues related to how users gain an identity, the permissions granted by that identity, and the comprehensive security of that identity.

IAM solutions manage how and by whom sensitive information can be accessed and modified. This software provides policies, procedures, and tools for managing individual access rights, authentication, and privileges with an aim to reduce costs and support new business initiatives swiftly. IT managers can use IAM tools to offer role-based access control, regulate access to systems or networks according to the roles of the individual, and control user access to critical business information. Individual user roles can be specified according to job competency, authority, and responsibility in the organization.

Single sign-on systems, privileged access management (PAM), and multi-factor authentication are key tools in identity and access management solutions. These features help users to securely store identities and profile data as well as to ensure robust data governance in order to make sure that data is only accessed when necessary and relevant. IAM platforms can be deployed on-premises, in hybrid clouds, or through a cloud-based subscription model.

System administrators can use IAM tools to change user roles, track user activities, create reports of activities, and modify and enforce policies on an ongoing basis. Identity management covers the provisioning and de-provisioning of identities, security and authentication of identities, and the authorization to access resources and perform certain actions. Each user has a single digital identity that they can use to represent themselves on several accounts across the enterprise. Each account can have different access controls according to resource and context.

Identity and access management solutions offer the following benefits to an organization:

  • Robust authentication, authorization, and audit of all individuals and services based on policy
  • Greater control over user access, reducing the risk of internal and external data breaches
  • Automated IAM systems help decrease the effort, time, and money required to manage network access
  • Improved collaboration, enhanced productivity, employee satisfaction, more efficient research and development, increased efficiency, and reduced operating costs
  • Extended access to information systems across several on-premises applications, mobile apps, and SaaS tools without compromising security


Identity and access management systems ensure error-free identification of the user, authentication of the real user, authorization of documents, and non-repudiation. With these solutions, management teams can rest easy knowing that the security of their systems is in the right hands.

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