InformaCast Positioned as Innovative Leader in Mass Notification Systems

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InformaCast Positioned as Innovative Leader in Mass Notification Systems by 360Quadrants Out of 54 Vendors

360Quadrants covers 54 companies in the Mass Notification Systems solutions market, and InformaCast has been listed as an Innovative Leader based on its quality, reliability, and business outcome.

InformaCast, a brand offering from Singlewire, is an emergency mass notification system that develops IP-based voice applications that feature emergency communications and mass notification capabilities. InformaCast sends important messages to mobile and on-premises devices with an aim to help people protect themselves, others, and property during emergencies. Mass notification systems provide a wide range of features to suit the needs of businesses, governments, and other sectors.

InformaCast mass notification systems

InformaCast mass notification systems are used in several sectors, including in manufacturing plants, government buildings, businesses, K-12 schools, universities, defense establishments, healthcare facilities, and retail outlets. These solutions provide extreme flexibility and enable users to meet the needs of customers, employees, and citizens, regardless of the environment. The emergency notification system by InformaCast can be customized for various business and government applications—it can be used whenever an organization needs to reach out to its employees with an emergency notification or other critical information.

When implemented correctly, InformaCast is invaluable for handling issues with safety and security. This solution provides superlative security, law enforcement, emergency management, and safety solutions for educational institutions, universities, government departments, and healthcare organizations. The application is used by over 2,000 businesses in 47 countries around the world.

Features of InformaCast MNS

InformaCast mass notification software provides a permission/role feature, which ensures that the right person can trigger the right message only when needed. The software features a simple user interface that enables administrators to easily upload the details of users and devices that may need to be messaged in an emergency. These users and devices can be differentiated into groups that are based on the types of situations that may arise. Messages can be prebuilt using audio, text, or images or be composed as and when required.

Messages can be broadcast with the press of a button to groups of users through SMSs, phone calls, emails, and on-premises devices such as desk phones, IP speakers, and desktop computers—ensuring maximum reach. InformaCast can also send live, ad hoc, prerecorded, and text-to-speech audio notifications to numerous endpoints at the same time. InformaCast Mobile, a cloud-based service, enables users to send text messages, images, and prerecorded audio notifications to mobile devices.

The InformaCast platform integrates notification technology with physical security—it helps detect incidents within an organization, notify people and systems, activate the necessary systems, and take the required actions to resolve the situation. The platform features enterprise-wide paging, emergency mass notification, remote detection of incidents on an IP network, and remote control of IP phones for training and support. The platform increases the speed, reach, and success rate of emergency notification communications and ensures that the people that need critical information receive it in time.

InformaCast is a powerful solution for emergency mass notification, bidirectional mobile alerting, situational awareness, and workplace optimization. The InformaCast notification software solution protects the most important assets of a company—its people.

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