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Vertify is a data integration smart platform that connects marketing, sales, and finance teams. It provides pre-built integrations between marketing automation and any other system that houses customer set of data. Vertify enable marketers and other lines of business to connect their critical tech stack by opening their customer data. It supports the revenue teams get the most precise and actionable data for analysis. Vertify serve as a translator by transforming the data in real time so each system and department can benefit and act on the data. Vertify supports to your data integration needs and optimize the workflows by bringing in information clarity.

Vertify Features

Vertify is used to flow better communication and information between people, departments, devices and systems. It helps to support employees in their contribution, eliminate barriers into productivity, connecting people to reach their greatest potential.

Vertify data integration platform change the incomplete, messy data into insights and turn truthful data for effective actions. It allows companies to connect corporate systems, move data, and find the truth. It is used for integrating, migrating and importing or exporting large amounts of business data.

Vertify Integration Software can be used by both technical and non-technical users for complex processes. It can be used by anyone without writing a code. Vertify’s drag-and-drop, click-not-code interface can make integration easy.

Vertify integration platform allows the companies to unlock the data making marketing more effective and actionable, insight more accessible, accelerate business operations and close more deals by delivering the actionable data in the right format at the right time.

It offers customer data unification and predictive analytics for sales and marketing team. It help businesses to sync data for core enterprise systems without the need for internal engineering resources. Vertify pricing is done based on user requirements

Integration Software

Integration software is used to facilitate integration across applications. This software typically facilitates the integration of applications, processing solutions, and databases. These solutions also simplify data management across applications, endpoints, and communications. Integration software solutions often come with stream analytics capabilities. Integration Software can help a company by making multiple data entries into multiple systems swiftly and easily, reducing the manpower needed to maintain the data in these systems, minimizing the chances of human error, enhancing the flow of data in a timely manner among systems, reflecting changes in data across systems in real time and enabling customers to use company systems (API and Connector).

Other advanced Integration Software include Aloha, AMPLIFY, ONEiO, Artix, Astronomer, Autofy,, Azuqua, BizTalk Server, BridgeGate, Celigo, Clear, CloverDX, Codefresh, Codisto, Conductor, Confluent Platform, Connect Bridge, ConnectIt, DBSync, DSYNC, edijet, Eligible, Ensemble, ExaGear, Flint, Flow Software, GAConnector, Hevo, Hull, HVR, Iguana, IMS, Insight, Integromat, Integry, KLOUDLESS, Matillion, Mesa, mintea, Moover, Morpheus, Nextup, Onedot, OneSaas, Parsey, PASSPORT, Plastic SCM, PowerCenter, Project Buddy, Samepage, Skyvia, SnapLogic, SOAPbox, Stamplay, Striim, SynQ, The BlackBox, Tmax, Transformer, Unific, Veracross, Warewolf, Winautomation, Workato, and Zoho Flow.

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