Leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Tips for Applicants during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) streamline the recruitment of new talent. ATS solutions manage recruiting processes, including career page hosting and interview scheduling. With these systems, recruiters can reduce the time spent on screening potential applicants by automating the collection, sorting, and organization of applicant resumes.

Following are the top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems:

  1. Zoho Recruit: Zoho Recruit is a user-friendlyATS application that automates recruitment processes and makes the assessing of candidates simple. All recruitment-related information is stored and easily accessed over a single platform. Zoho enables the effortless judgment of jobseekers.
  2. SAP SuccessFactors: SAP SuccessFactors enables the personalization of the user interface for every employee. With this solution, operational HR data can be combined with feedback to help users improve their employee experience. SAP SuccessFactors helps users to harness chatbots, machine learning, and robotic process automation.
  3. Lever: Leveris an innovative solution that improves the experience for recruiters and candidates. This recruitment software combines traditional ATS with CRM (customer relationship management)features for better retention of and engagement with skilled candidates.
  4. BambooHR: BambooHR offers numerous tools for streamlining the recruitment process. Its time-tracking and performance management featureshelp boost recruitment figures. BambooHR offers user-friendly,pay-as-you-go pricing plans.
  5. UltiPro: UltiPro personalizes experiencesfor applicants, helping boost engagement. It assesses skills &experiences and determines the qualities of every candidate to ensure long-term businesssuccess. Personal candidate networks are leveraged to highlight new talent pools.
  6. SmartRecruiters: SmartRecruiters offers a free version for businesses that enables them to hire 250 employees. This trial enables companies to judge the performance of the software.SmartRecruiters makes the hiring process simple. It caters to Unum, VISA, LinkedIn, Ikea, and other leading companies.
  7. CEIPAL TalentHire: CEIPAL TalentHire includes the tools needed to ease the burden of hiring managers. It offers one-click integration for publishing job postings on Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster, Facebook,Twitter, andLinkedIn.
  8. Greenhouse: Greenhousehelps companies set up an equitable recruitment process. Itsmoothens recruitment through mock assessments, interview prep kits, job fair updates, and other useful features.
  9. Cascade: Cascade is a comprehensive solution that enables recruitersto post job vacancies and advertise them in a few clicks. With Cascade, users can track applications, manage interview schedules, and receive useful insights into the performance of the company.
  10. Freshteam: Freshteam offers monthly and yearly plans. Its autopilot feature enables employers to automate screening,emailing, and follow-ups. Its talent pool functionality lets employers track eligible candidates and reach out in case of further job openings.

Other leading Applicant Tracking Systems include Comeet, Hiretual, IFP, JobDiva, Jobvite, Paycom, Recruiterbox, ReSOLUTE, ROMA, Vista, Workable, and Yello.

Tips for Applicants during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The following advice might help applicants find a job during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Digital Networking:The lockdown is a perfect time to build relationships with recruiters. This helps overcome stagnant job boards that keep openings up even if a hiring freeze has been instated in the company. During the lockdown, sending a resume through a job portal might lead to the recruiter never seeing it.
  • Social Media:Being safe at home is a good time to search for jobs over social media. Specific searches help receive better results. Searching for local groups with keywordsmight lead to a treasure trove of helpful people posting useful job links. Member count is often a good indicator of whether the group is worth joining.
  • Virtual Job Fairs:Virtual job fairs see hiring managers and jobseekers interact in a virtual environment through teleconferencing, chatrooms, and webinars. These fairs often require attendees to submit their resume and fill out a questionnaire before they can join. Applicants may then be automatically matched with employers based on their responses.

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