MoEngage- Marketing Automation Software

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MoEngage is one of the top providers of Marketing Automation Software. This software lets organizations to improve the customer engagement which can help them to grow and increase customer base. This platform can be integrated with any smartphone app or with the website. Tracking users’ behavior is also easy with this software which makes it easy to manager customer engagement and opportunity identification. This software can also segment users based on their behavior so that organizations can create marketing campaigns. Automating entire marketing process is completely possible with MoEngage Marketing Automation Software.

MoEngage Features

Open Analytics- This platform integrates analytics and marketing so that customer engagement is grown and organizations achieve goals. Data visualization can be done on this platform by integrating visualization tools. It creates analytical reports with add on tools like Tableau and many other and offers deeper insights into the data.

Customer User Interface- The customer engagement platform offers customizable dashboard that helps organizations to track the performance and all the marketing tasks on an easy to use dashboard. It can be customized to track KPIs and check results.

Behavioral Trends- MoEngage marketing automation software makes it easy to understand customer behavior with the analytics done with this software. Based on the user behavior in the app it becomes easy for segmentation of users. This helps to develop strategies for engaging customers. It can also track live campaigns and provides deep insight with real time reports.

Coherent and Funnel Analysis- For any business there are customers who are not satisfied either with the service provided or with the products offered. By using MoEngage it’s possible to track these customers with the help of customer retention coherent. This report helps in identifying weak customer base so that organizations can take preventive measures on it.

Marketing Automation Flow- The software helps to create omni channel campaigns to identify the users who are interested in organization product or service. This will help organizations in customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Push Amplification- Push notification campaigns lets users to get high push delivery rate. This helps organizations to grow at a comparatively higher rate. MoEngage pricing is flexible and suits all budgets.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software takes care of all the marketing tasks by managing marketing workflow and analyzing result of the marketing campaigns. By automating the process it enables organizations to market on multiple social media channels. It optimizes tasks which are needed to be done repeatedly and saves time. Analyzing customer behavior also gets easy with this software and all the tasks become handy for the organization. It increases customer retention rate will lets organizations grow and expand. This helps them increase revenue and optimize the marketing process.

Some of the top Marketing Automation Software are: Hubspot, Pardot, ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, Cordial, Drip, Gamooga, GetResponse, Iterable and Kizen.

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