Plan and Implement your Surveillance Project with Axis Surveillance Solutions

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Axis Communications AB is a Sweden-based manufacturer of network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of security products such as CCTV and CCTV system software. The company develops and sells network video surveillance cameras for many applications. Axis network cameras and servers protect people, property, and facilities by offering sophisticated in-camera functionality, remote video monitoring, and easy system integration.

The company offers a wide portfolio of IP-based products and solutions for security and video surveillance. Its broad range of products includes the latest advancements in IP camera technology.  The products include security cameras, video encoders, accessories, and access control products. They are based on open industry standards and can integrate easily with Axis’ video management software or with a partner product, to form a complete security or surveillance solution.

Notable IP network cameras enhance security as operators can remotely access live and recorded video footage from moving objects. The footage provides valuable visual evidence of events and helps speed up emergency response when required.

Axis has developed multi-imaging cameras of very high resolution. Its Q87 Bispectral PTZ Network Camera Series allows for thermal and visual surveillance in one. It combines powerful and cost-effective visual and thermal streams into a single camera for wider surveillance and other applications with similar requisites. Here, the operator only needs one camera and one IP address to benefit from long-distance thermal detection, visual identification, and PTZ capabilities.

Axis network cameras fall in all sizes and shapes. It ranges from PoE technology to wireless designs.  You can select a wide variety of indoor and outdoor Axis security cameras with superb video analytics. Axis Surveillance Camera Kits, including products such as video encoders, Axis network cameras, and Axis video management software. Axis Video Encoders are cost effective priced solution for switching from analog CCTV video to future-proof IP video. An Axis software allows you to easily record, manage, and view the entire Axis IP camera system under one roof. Axis thermal cameras outperform all environmental challenges to detect persons in objects in the complete dark, fog, mist, and wilderness conditions. For more details about Marketo pricing plans,

All Axis IP cameras and equipment are intelligently designed and exceed expectations. Axis Communications’ product line includes PTZ cameras, HDTV network cameras, and thermal network cameras.

  • The Axis M5014 is a mini HDTV Axis PTZ dome camera that delivers 720p resolution. It is a palm-sized & budget-friendly, indoor surveillance camera that offers PoE technology, a built-in microphone for audio detection, H.264 video compression, and an IP51-rating to protect the lens from dust and dripping water.
  • The Axis P3346 – 1080p remote focus drome camera is ideal for indoor environments such as retail stores, warehouses, and homes. It is built with a tamper-resistant enclosure and offers 1080p HD resolution and P-Iris control for optimal images in poor lighting conditions. For the Axis Communications pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Video Surveillance Systems (Closed-circuit television)

The best video surveillance systems involves the use of video cameras for monitoring activity in a specific place or building using a television system. The system transmits signals from a television camera to the receivers by cables or telephone links, making a closed circuit. The system has embedded image capture capabilities to capture video images. The monitoring system allows technicians to monitor activities in banks, stores, and other areas where security is required. CCTVs are used for intelligence gathering, prevention of crime, protection of a process, person, group or object, or the investigation of crime. Today, more advanced CCTVs use digital video recorders (DVRs) and provide a variety of quality and performance options with extra features such as motion detection and email alerts. Decentralized IP cameras are equipped with megapixel sensors that support recording directly to network-attached storage devices, or internal flash for completely stand-alone operation.

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