Need a Mobile-Friendly Project Management Tool? Switch to Airtable

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Airtable is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool that provides a single and centralized platform to manage projects, customers and ideas for content pipelines, product management, events planning, user research, and more. Airtable Project Management Software is primarily focuses on prioritize data collaboration and organization. It uses a spreadsheet format to organize the data and related data can be linked together for further use. It is compatible with multiple devices and users can add and remove data, attach files and share tables. The users can track who is making changes to a document and a chat tool allows users to chat each other while working on tables. Airtable integrates with Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Slack, GitHub and Google Drive.  The users can see data in a spreadsheet format on desktop computers and data can be viewed as tappable cards on mobile devices.

Airtable Features

  • Airtable is a flexible and mobile friendly system that enables users to organize anything, with anyone, from anywhere.
  • Airtable provides a user-friendly collaboration solution that allows users to manage the movement of content between apps simply and safely. Airtable saves and syncs any changes in a content securely and automatically across all devices.
  • Airtable contains rich text fields, customizable forms, displays, intelligent content links and integrations in its spreadsheet capabilities.
  • Content display and record arrangements can be organized with powerful filtering, sorting and grouping capabilities.
  • Airtable software enables the user to organize all content easily and conveniently with its rich field types such as checkboxes, dropdowns, long notes, barcodes, drag and drop file attachments and document previews.
  • Airtable offers rich collaboration experience with robust media and text, file attachments, photos, checkboxes, barcodes, and notes. There is also an enterprise version of Airtable available whose Airtable pricing is available on request.

Project Management Software

Project management software is a software which is used for various purposes in a project, such as planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and change management. It allows project managers, stakeholders, and users to control costs and manage budgeting, quality management, and documentation and can also be used as an administration system. It is an online system for collaborating and working on tasks in organizations. These online systems provide real-time information to the managers and make the performance of tasks easy. In addition, they allow organizations to allocate specific resource for specific tasks. Correct allocation can reduce operational cost and the overall risk associated with tasks being performed.

Other vendors of Project Management Software are as below –

Deltek Inc, Proofhub, Linkd, Float, Forecast, Freedcamp, Airtable, Steinbeis Task Management Solutions, Aha! Labs, Nifty Technologies, Mango Technologies, Swit, Oracle Corporation, Sap Se, Andolasoft Inc., Openproject, Basecamp, IMS, Aec Software, Smartsheet Inc, Planio, Skwish Ltd, WRIKE, Taiga Agile LLC, Meister, Flow, Duet, Unit4 Nv, Ca Technologies, Netengine Pty Ltd, Microsoft, Easy Projects Net, Husky Marketing, Taiga, Agile Llc, Asana, Monday, Steinbeis Task Management Solutions, Solo, Teamleader, and Flicksoftware.

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