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Agatha platform is developed by Precogs. It is the world’s first large-scale, smart purchasing assistant that allows businesses to automate their complete purchasing function and control every operation in the procurement process. Agatha is used for electronic component purchasing. The platform offers OEM-ODM-EMS businesses direct connection to a global marketplace of electronic components with the best available prices. Agatha is a cloud-based network and platform supports for apps, marketplaces, and supply chain payments. It guarantees production timelines and capable of immediately dealing with new market conditions.

Agatha Features

Agatha’s advanced automation provides increased certainty to electronic supply chain timelines. The platform constantly analyzes market data so that OEM-ODM-EMS companies can get benefits from available opportunities, keep control of purchasing decisions and secure results in supply chain planning.

Agatha software can connect to various apps and can easily minimize the burden of documentation. It covers and control every part of the quality process with several functions that can be audited and differences can be captured.

Agatha purchasing platform is easy to use, cost-effective and provide efficient results. Agatha saves time with ready-to-use apps and user-friendly interface. For the best Agatha pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Agatha software can control all activities from taking up and approving purchase orders, selecting orders, placing orders, receiving the order and invoice for making the payment. All activities are electronically handled and allowing the procurement department to keep a tab on the orders.

Agatha integrates documents created in different locations with a comprehensive application feature and simplifies and speed up the submission process by creating centralized and unified set of documents through a decentralized process.

Agatha platform perform several activities including inspecting the electronic signatures, recorded approvals and audit trails and effectively manage the compliance process.

Agatha Purchasing software helps to the electronic component supply chain complexity. It automates industrial sourcing and procurement of electronic components in real-time and allows the customers to improve margins, minimize shortages, overstock and increase the speed delivery by capturing market opportunities.

Purchasing Software

Purchasing software is a business software tool that allows businesses to automate their entire source-to-pay cycle. It allows the businesses to manage and automate the merchandise acquisition process. Purchasing software streamlines the purchasing process, increases visibility, manage contracts and documents, analyzing and managing spends, controls irregular spending, making invoice payments, make informed purchasing decisions and control every procurement process operation. It allows users to manage the purchasing process effectively and automatically links purchasing functions with accounting functions. Purchasing software keeps track of previous purchases, predict trends and make informed decisions.

Other vendors of Purchasing Software include Orderhive, Package Products & Services Inc (Pps) , Bonfire, Sap Fieldglass (Sap Se), Sap Se, Precogs, Esupplierglobal.Com, Procurementexpress.Com, Beacon Systems Limited, Unleashed Software and Tradeshift.

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