Top 10 Best Recruiting Software

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Recruiting software automates the sourcing of qualified candidates and helps to hire managers, HR personnel, and recruiters to create qualified talent pools for current as well as future job openings. Recruiting software leverage AI to locate qualified candidates, verify contact details, and export candidate profiles as required. These solutions help companies manage candidate pipelines and provide insights into what makes a candidate ideal for a position.

The top ten vendors in the Recruiting Software market are:

  1. Zoho Recruit: Zoho Recruit is hosted on the cloud, mobile-ready, and comes with customizable features and a user-friendly interface. Zoho’s robust back-office features, including document collaboration, automated workflows, and territory management, help boost the efficiency of HR-related operations.
  2. HRS: The key features of HRS include social media job presentation, key task automation, powerful LinkedIn integration, intelligent CV parsing, and email management. HRS offers training through webinars, documentation, and live online as well as in-person sessions.
  3. CEIPAL TalentHire: CEIPAL TalentHire comes with an effective applicant tracking system that quickly identifies vacancies, promptly sources and screens applicants, shortlists the most viable ones according to company requirements, and even completes digital onboarding using smart integration and intelligent technology.
  4. Airlift: Airlift enhances collaboration among hiring teams and other departments, helping HR personnel focus on the human behind the candidate. With Airlift, efficiency is increased through the automation of repetitive tasks and robust analytics. This solution enhances candidate outreach.
  5. Jibe: Jibe can be integrated into existing recruiting systems, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate job data and candidate profiles with existing applicant tracking systems. Jibe comes with a suite of products, such as personalized career sites and marketing tools aimed at candidates.
  6. Mustard: Mustard Recruiting Software boosts the productivity of the HR department and enhances candidate quality. It automates time-consuming and mundane tasks, enabling recruiters to focus on more complex tasks. It features CV building and smart technology and tracks client information in order to provide accurate details.
  7. Apricot: Apricot is a flexible, easy-to-use, and secure solution that enhances service delivery and boosts recruitment processes. Its case management functionalities integrate with daily efforts, analysis, and program outcomes.
  8. Evolve: Evolve is a swift and simple recruitment software that features 99.999% uptime and numerous useful plugins and modules. Evolve boosts the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process. The software can be modified to suit the needs of individual clients.
  9. Arya: Arya combines AI and predictive analytics with proprietary ML models to enable recruiters to build quality relationships with candidates. With Arya, organizations can unlock historical insights and truly understand their applicants.
  10. Foresight: True to its name, Foresight is a platform for far-sighted users. It enables the management teams of any organization—small, medium, or large—to execute proactive actions easily. Foresight provides an economical method for finding the best candidates in the industry, with the lowest cost and turnaround time.

Other Best Recruiting Software include Freshteam, Hiya, Oats, Oorwin, QuezX, ReSOLUTE, SAFARI, and Workable.

How Recruiters in Lockdown can Remain Productive

  • Professional advice over social media: Instead of posting job ads on social media, recruiters can offer tips on career and personal development. This can be extremely helpful at a time when many people are being furloughed, losing jobs, or graduating into an unpredictable market.
  • Connecting with future hires: Recruiters have time to think about long-term strategic goals, such as filling important profiles and succession planning. By connecting with talent internally or potential talent externally, recruiters can help them feel connected and engaged, boosting goodwill and enhancing prospects once the lockdown lifts.
  • Boosting internal talent: Recruiters can use this downtime to explore the possibility of new opportunities for staff without work in order to enable them to flex their skills and work on new projects and with new people without having to look for a new job or a side gig.

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