Remote Desktop Software – The Perfect COVID-19 WFH Solution for Businesses

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Remote Desktop Software allows IT support teams to access and control remotely operating desktop machines. As these desktops operate outside the conventional perimeters of an office, they are usually connected to an unknown network. Remote Desktop Software enables IT teams to ensure the security of the desktops and the data in them.

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses all over the world. While some businesses adapted the remote working model, some of them went into complete shutdowns. The businesses that had to unfortunately choose the second option were either location dependent such as manufacturing units, industries, etc, or did not have the proper infrastructure to enable remote working. ‘Remote-first’ is the need of the hour and this is where the best Remote Desktop Software offers a solution.

Remote Desktop Software Key Features

Remote Device Provisioning

Zero-touch provisioning is offered by Remote Desktop Software with the help of the Windows Autopilot program. The IT support team can push device configurations on remotely operating desktops. Likewise, BYOD or employee-owned devices can be asked to connect to remote desktop management and settings can be pushed over the air.

Enhanced Security Settings

Remote Desktop Software allows IT admins to control and achieve advanced security settings on remotely operating desktops. From implementing password policies to user authentication through certificate management, Remote Desktop Software streamlines security management over unknown networks. To protect corporate data on remote desktops, the software extends file encryption and protection through the Windows Information Protection policy.

Application Management

When employees work remotely, having access to the correct set of resources is very important. Remote Desktop Software enables pushing enterprise applications- publicly, as well as privately. The applications can be easily installed and uninstalled over the air for ensuring seamless access to business resources for employees.

Browsing Control

Malware attacks and phishing emails are one of the major security threats, specifically when employees work on remote desktops. Remote desktop management enables IT admins to control the access to websites on devices, along with configuring browser settings.

Remote Support

Remote desktop software enables IT admins to quickly resolve device problems on remotely operating desktops, remotely mirror device screens, take control of the screen and complete actions to understand device problems, take screenshots, and screen recordings and provide resolutions. Moreover, Remote Desktop Software also allows IT admins to create context-aware support tickets on the integrated ITSM platform.

Automated Checks

Managing a large inventory of Remote Desktop Software can be a frightening task, especially when multiple devices operate out of different geographic locations. Top Remote Desktop Software allows IT admins to gain an iron grip on device performance by automating compliance checks and security alerts.

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