Retail Management System – Luca

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Luca Retail Management System can perform accurate and quick analysis for reporting data. It provides a clear and transparent structure of the entire financial infrastructure of the organization to all the members. Luca is a modern and multi-functional financial management software that perform the consolidation of financial statements for business organizations. Luca Retail can be deployed on-premise and cloud-based systems that best to the needs and preferences of the organizations. Luca is easy to learn and quick to use that makes your work super easy and empowers you to control business. Luca executes other activities including inventory management, order management, purchasing, etc.

Luca Features

  • LUCA Retail Management System provides a user-friendly environment to ease daily management and administrative tasks.
  • LUCA keeps a track of the customer list, measurement records, invoicing, quickly search customer by name, email, mobile, or code, pending orders and generating job reports.
  • Luca Retail Management helps to produce work-wise payrolls for workers such as search and view job register by invoice date, delivery date, trial dates, customer, assigned worker, job’s priority, completed jobs, uncompleted jobs, not allotted jobs, and allow to view, print and export job register report.
  • LUCA Retail System can add unlimited attachments to job order from hard Disk or webcam to draw hand notes, insert images, etc.
  • Luca Retail also helps you in financial management – keeping track of due invoices, receipts, payments, bank accounts, financial analysis, planning, statements, and cash register, income and expenses accounts.
  • LUCA software provides access to detailed data of past, present, and also the forecasted data to its users. It gives clean, simple, and transparent ad hoc for detailed analysis.

Retail Management System

The retail management system (RMS) is a collaboration of various hardware and software components and tools to sell and secure trades with integrated functions to ease store operations. RMS is a platform that includes several useful tools to help you for running a retail store or chain. A retail management systems’ common components combine inventory management, workforce management, accounting, point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics. It provides multiple services in one place. Retail management systems everyday tasks include managing and buying inventory, checking out customers, scheduling employee shifts, and keeping track of finances, etc.

Leading Retail Management System include MultiDev Technologies, Neto E-commerce Solutions Ptv Ltd, MOVISTA, Cybex Systems, Simplain Software Solutions LLC, Pathfinder Software Solutions, Compulynx, New Covenant Software, SDL, CompuTant, POS-Solutions, JP Software Technologies andGinni Systems Ltd.

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