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Quetzal is a cloud-based mobile iPad point of sale (POS) solution for small retail business owners. It is suited for footwear, fashion, cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, leather goods, toy stores, gift shops, pet supplies stores and clothing retailers. Quetzal works with iPad but can also operate offline with the features that handle most of the retail operations. It offers efficient tools for the management of several retail stores at the same time. Point of Sale app provides graceful POS solution with customer and employee tracking, inventory management, ecommerce integration, payment provider integrations. It’s simple to use reporting and analytics engine with highly visual graphs enable to read formats easily.

Quetzal Features 

  • Quetzal offers security and ease of use for progressive clothing, shoe and specialty retailers. It provides all the POS basics as well as size, color by style, matrix pricing, store credit and customer loyalty, gift cards, ecommerce integration, inventory tracking, advanced reporting, online receipts, etc.
  • Quetzal solution allows built-in loyalty system, employee leaderboard, customized reporting functionalities and numerous payment processor integrations. 
  • Quetzal Retail POS helps you to know exactly which customer buys what, when and how frequently. It provides the complete knowledge about your customer so there’s no need to use a secondary resource for this process.
  • Quetzal can support up to 10 different languages and several currencies and allows the user to select a number of payment options.
  • Quetzal allows e-commerce integration with Shopify. Quetzal includes integrated payments, innovative customer facing display, receipt, label printing, and integration with wireless bluetooth barcode scanners.
  • Quetzal inventory management supports to multiple color and size matrices. Its POS enables the user to print or email receipts with custom logos and footer information. For more details about Quetzal pricing plans, please contact the company. 

Retail POS System

Retail point of sale (POS) software is used by retail employees and their customers to complete retail transactions in stores, showrooms, and other physical locations. POS software enables retail employees to create sales orders, find information about products, deliver receipts, and accept payments swiftly and easily. Employees rely on these solutions to perform more transactions in a shorter period of time, while customers benefit from shorter checkout times. Retail POS software features are – inventory management, sales reporting and analytics, analyze sales data, handles customer returns and exchanges, streamlining operational processes, create shopper profiles and processes payments, etc.

Other vendors of Retail POS System include – Shopify, Cypress, Appetize, Epaisa, Rista, Iqmetrix, Web Masters Llc, Tabby4web, Millennium Resources, Spoton, Tray, Custom Business Solutions, Merchant Technologies, Sumup, Dale Harris, Vend, Solvemate, Fiserv Inc, Criti and Bleu Tech Enterprises.

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