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General Aerodynamic Simulation Program (GASP) is simulation software developed by AeroSoft. It is a structured or unstructured multi-block CFD flow solver. It is used to solve steady and unsteady 3D, Reynolds averaged, heat conduction equations for solid bodies, and Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations and its subsets. GASP broad-ranging features can apply to the study of launch vehicles, rocket nozzles, stage separation, high speed trains, and other automobiles. GASP key functions include – 3d simulation, 3d modeling, turbulence modeling, presentation tools, Agent-Based modeling, and industry specific database.


  • GASP’s current version 5.3.1 can add unstructured support for the solid thermodynamic physical model, including support for conjugate heat transfer simulations. It also add unstructured support for the material stress physical model, as well as a few new boundary conditions.
  • GASP simulation software can generate models for a broad array of subjects such as thermodynamics, thermo chemistry, fluxes, two phase flow, turbulence, and mechanical stress.
  • GASP can successfully execute post processing at the end of the CFD run automatically. It can calculate an integrated quantities using the simplified user interface with ‘lift and drag’ facilities.
  • GASP software can integrate all Graphic User Interfaces into a single application including both pre as well as post processing. The tool also helps to organize your models and related work using extensive tab sheets and tables.
  • GASP simulation software uses six DOF models and constrained motion databases to create kinematic models. It automate chimera calculations between time steps to increase speed and efficiency of the operation. The GASP pricing categories are available.

Simulation Software

Simulation software is a computer program that allows the user to observe the process or an operation through simulation without actually performing that operation. The software can imitate the processes to see how they behave under different conditions in order to test for new theories or changes. The software is used to design machinery or equipment so that the final product should be very close to design specifications. The process modification with real-time response is less expensive in simulation process. Simulation software has important industrial applications and can be useful in large set-up plant operations. An advanced simulation software is used in power system behavior, weather conditions, electronic circuits, chemical reactions, mechatronics, heat pumps, feedback control systems, atomic reactions, even complex biological processes.

Other vendors of Simulation Softwareare as follows Comsol, Transvalor, Phenomatics Virtual Reality Software, Vitech Corporation, Simulistics, The Mathworks, Mynah Technologies, Wolfram, Simulia, Siemens, Ansys Inc, SenSat, Solargis, Electromagneticworks, Fieldscale, Lanner Inc and Rockwell Automation Inc.

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