7 Key Benefits of Using Hootsuite to Manage Social Media Presence

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Social media analytics software tools are used to understand social media data and make an analysis of social data easier collected from multiple social media channels. Social media analytics software area set of analytical tools that enable the collection and reporting of data related to social media accounts. It enable the end-users to listen, monitor, analyze, and give insights from data collected from blogs and social media websites. These products are used by social media, marketing, and communications teams to identify best practices, target demographics, and analyze real-time consumer practices. Social media analytics tools also include advanced analytic techniques such as predictive, prescriptive, descriptive, and diagnostics of data collection and interpretation across various social media platforms.

Social media analytics software provides insights about how your followers interact with your posts, followers’ demographics and their location. This can be helpful to understand how certain demographics interact with specific posts so that social media managers can target and personalize posts for higher levels of engagement.


Hootsuite is a social media management system software offered by Hootsuite Media Inc. The tool can manage all social media alerts and activities in one place, and help users to track all social media channels and networks and keep a record of them. Hootsuite reads all the responses on the user brand and give them an instant reply. It is a cloud-based reputation management that collaboratively carry out campaigns across various social networks such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Hootsuite enables the users to launch campaigns from a single dashboard

Hootsuite Features

  • Hootsuite offers several capabilities for measurement and reporting purposes including tools for team collaboration, audience engagement, analytics and account security.
  • Hootsuite users can manage various contributors and share data and its access rights without the sharing of passwords. The users can work with social streams, columns and tabs by selecting various design themes.
  • Hootsuite messages can be delegated to the team and their progress can be monitored easily.
  • Hootsuite can collaborate within a secure environment across all devices and departments to manage social media profiles effectively.
  • Hootsuite helps organizations to launch marketing campaigns, identify and increase audience and distribute targeted social messages across multiple channels.
  • With Hootsuite unique social media dashboard, user can collaboratively schedule updates to various social networks, integrate with existing marketing tools for better workflow, track campaign results and industry trends.
  • Hootsuite content curation allows the users to effectively find, manage and share posts from different sources. It has the ability to organize the content, access content stored from the cloud and check your scheduled posts with an integrated calendar.

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