Top 10 Online Study Tools

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With exam season approaching, some people are bound to think it best to devote as little time to social media as possible. There are a variety of opportunities when we withdraw from public networking platforms that can really save a huge amount of time and better facilitate studies. Online networking is a part of the routine for many in today’s digital world, and this implies that online community collaboration still takes place very easily. Here’s our list of 10 online best study tools (and several of them are free) to improve productivity:

  1. Evernote: Using associated content, including databases and photos, this solution helps everyone to get the most out of lecture notes by ensuring they are arranged as required and available on all devices. This ensures all research notes are available when it’s time to study.
  2. Quizlet: A sample collection related to the topic being learned can be generated with Quizlet. This solution features educational resources such as note cards with text, photos, illustrations, and sound, as well as questionnaires on the topic of choice (more than 14 million topics are actually on the homepage).
  3. Goconqr: Goconqr study tools offers a number of online learning resources, including vocabulary words, questionnaires, charts, graphs, and learning planners, making it similar to Quizlet.
  4. Mindmup: In order to help users arrange information, pictures, and thoughts into a moving slideshow layout, Mindmup has a variety of helpful features, including as a storytelling builder. For quick reference, reminders and links can be attached to records, and it can even add pictures and descriptive details to the concept mapping, which could then be posted on the internet.
  5. Marinaratimer: Marinaratimer helps everyone to conveniently arrange research sections. For starters, people can arrange a 25-minute segment with a five-minute pause at the top, then one can set the timer to allow them a prolonged pause after they have finished a set number of blocks. Either pick preselected periods of time or configure your own to accommodate the individual preferences and available time.
  6. Grammarly: Grammarly is a grammar checker that makes it easy to interpret whatever users write and correct spelling mistakes. It does this by identifying errors in the document and providing alternatives to correct them.
  7. CTFM: This method helps users to conveniently create a bibliography by browsing online and attaching page sources, journal posts, books, journals, podcasts, and a variety of other forms of information within the paper.
  8. Forgett: Quickly build useful checklists that can be reached on the go from any internet-powered mobile device.
  9. Hemingway: Named in tribute to the famous poet, Ernest Hemingway, this tool is intended to illustrate unnecessarily dense and nuanced phrases in writing as well as to demonstrate how they can be modified to represent a more concise to modest style that the namesake author was known for.
  10. Trello: Trello is an online resource for quickly and productively organizing tasks and assignments. From private to-do items to comprehensive business turnaround plans and anything else in between, it fulfills users’exam needs with ease.

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