Top 10 Productivity Software and Tips for Productivity During the Pandemic

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Productivity Software boosts communication, improves the organization of information, and helps develop high-quality ideas swiftly. These tools help users structure their tasks effectively and enhance employee productivity. Best productivity software makes workflows more efficient and enhances the flow of communication across channels. The key features of productivity software include field activity management, social collaboration, online appointment management, and web conferencing.

Top Ten Vendors of Productivity Software are as follows:

  1. Google Docs: GoogleDocs can be used by anyone who has a Google account. This application comes with a number of preloaded templates that make business communication easy. These templates help create important documents from scratch. Google Docs also offers storage for created or uploaded documents.
  2. Office 365: Microsoft’s renowned Office 365 application includes Excel, Outlook, Word, and many more useful tools. This software provides online storage and can be accessed on both PC and mobile. Regular feature and security updates are provided as well.
  3. Zoho Connect: Zoho Connect makes social networking for business use easy. With this software, collaboration and conversion of abstract concepts into reality become swift and seamless.
  4. Workplace: Workplace by Facebook makes team communication easy and fun. Its key features include profile creation, instant messaging, and groups. The application helps companies create a central communication hub for managers and their staff.
  5. Workspace 365: Workspace 365 comes with simplified templates and live activity updates—all through a single easy-to-use dashboard. This software helps employees manage their calendar, documents, and content while communicating over video conferencing or chat.
  6. Apache OpenOffice: Apache OpenOffice enables users to create high-quality business documents. Its advanced formatting tools and documentation management features help enhance productivity.  This open-source software is highly customizable, secure, and flexible.
  7. Achieved: Achieved features transparency and easy alignment of tasks. It works across devices and offers flexible pricing plans based on client requirements. It provides robust privacy and security.
  8. Icecream PDF Converter: Icecream PDF Converter works with numerous file formats and makes working with large files easy. Its page indexing and batch mode features are useful for enhancing productivity. It also provides robust security for sensitive information.
  9. Actioned: Actioned comes with a feature-packed dashboard that helps users keep track of events and activities. This solution comes with cutting-edge security and productivity enhancement features.
  10. LibreOffice: LibreOffice is an economical option for boosting company productivity. Numerous websites and other resources are available online to help business users understand the benefits of this software. In general, LibreOffice faces no compatibility issues with other productivity solutions.

Other advanced Productivity Software includes ActivTrak, Airborn, ASAP Utilities for Excel, Backlog, Base, Bitrix24, BlueOptima, Brief, Business Card Scanner, Capriza, ClipClip, Clockwise, Coda, Columns, Commander One, Conceptboard, Drag, Dynalist, eDocs, Evernote Business, FacileThings, Fellow, fini, FlippingBook, Flow e, Free Time Card Calculator, Haystack,, Hypergene, IDoneThis, INES CRM, Intradiem, Isaak, ITIK, Lanes, Lark, Laverna, Leadup, LifeSpace, MeisterTask, NeoOffice, OfficeSuite, ONLYOFFICE, PMI, productboard, ProWritingAid, Publist, Record It, Ruum, Samepage, ServicePRO, Slapdash, SmartOffice, SoftMaker Office, Spike, Stack, Station, Swit, TextExpander, ThinkFree Office, Thought Train, Thrive,TickTick, To-Do, Todoist, Trask, VSD Viewer, WordPerfect Office, Workona, Workspaces, Workstreams, WPS Office, ZohoCliq, Zoho Projects, and Zoho Sprints.

Tips to be Productive During Lockdown

  • Reading up on the latest business trends: Now is a good time to read previously bookmarked articles, abstracts, and other useful resources. Taking a break from reading COVID-19 news can help employees keep themselves updated on the latest trends in their respective fields.
  • Attending useful virtual events: Before the pandemic, employees often found it difficult to accommodate useful events into their busy schedules. However, now they have the opportunity to search for and participate in virtual events that several universities and other organizations are conducting. These events can help those looking to get promoted, wanting a change in career, or the unemployed.
  • Reopening shelved projects: Unfinished projects and data that was collected and forgotten about can be revisited and worked on. Reviving old projects can help employees boost their self-confidence and stay in touch with their marketable skills.
  • : Finally, to help maximize productivity, employees should look into investing in learning skills that are relevant to their current or desired job profiles. There are numerous recognized certifications being provided online.

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