Top 10 Visionary Leaders in the Identity & Access Management Software Solutions Market – 2020

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On 360Quadrants, Okta, OneLogin, Akamai Technologies Inc, AWS, BeyondTrust, Dell Inc, IBM Corporation, LoginRadius, Microsoft Corporation, and Oracle Corporation have been identified as Visionary Leaders in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) market, as they have established product portfolios, stellar business strategies, and a robust market presence. These companies are the best identity & access management providers in the market.

The competitive leadership mapping on 360Quadrants provides information on the players that are considered to be the best Visionary Leaders in the IAM software market for this year. Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product maturity and company maturity. Each category carries several criteria’s, based on which the vendors in the IAM market have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product maturity include features & functionality and services. The evaluation criteria considered under company maturity include geographic footprint (based on geographic presence), deployment, and verticals.

Below are the Top 10 Visionary Leaders in the Identity & Access Management market on 360Quadrants for 2020.

1. Okta

Okta, Inc. is a prominent provider of identity and mobility management solutions for mobile and cloud enterprises. The company provides cloud application management services with a strong focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Okta also offers identity, security, digital business, and mobility solutions.

2. OneLogin

OneLogin identity management solutions allow organizations to function at extreme speeds while ensuring system integrity, providing insights & smooth governance, and minimizing risk. OneLogin is a thought leader in the authentication space and has plans to expand into the mobility support vertical.

3. Akamai Technologies, Inc

Solutions from Akamai Technologies offer accessibility and collection of user data for marketing analysis. These solutions deliver all the features that one would expect to find in an advanced CIAM portfolio. Akamai Identity Cloud is an established and highly scalable solution that is leveraged by enterprises for high availability, GDPR-compliant consent management, and complete marketing analytics.

4. AWS

AWS Identity & Access Management enables users to manage access to AWS services and resources securely. AWS IAM enables the management of users, groups, and permissions with an aim to permit, deny, or regulate employee access to AWS resources.

5. BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions provide the exposure and control that is needed to reduce risk, achieve efficient least privilege implementation, and gain operational efficiency. BeyondTrust PAM offers a seamless approach to minimizing data breaches due to stolen credentials, misused privileges, and compromised remote access.

6. Dell, Inc

Dell Identity Manager eliminates the difficulties associated with governing identities, managing privileged accounts, and controlling access. Dell One Identity solutions help simplify identity & access management and attain business agility while addressing the challenges faced with IAM.

7. IBM Corporation

IBM provides a number of integration and customization capabilities through its offerings, which come with numerous cutting-edge features, including access rights, single sign-on from any device, enhanced security with multi-factor authentication, user lifecycle management, and protection for privileged accounts.

8. LoginRadius

LoginRadius Identity Platform offers a comprehensive variety of customer registration and authentication options that ensure the right balance between customer experience and security. It also offers multi-factor authentication and risk-based authentication features that ensure that customers get the right level of security while enjoying a simple online experience.

9. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a global provider of identity & access management solutions. Microsoft’s on-premises IAM solutions help synchronize identities across directories, databases, and applications. These solutions also provide password authentication and certificate management. Microsoft, with its vast identity and access management software portfolio, effectively caters to the needs of its diverse customer base.

10. Oracle Corporation

Oracle Identity Management Solution empowers customers to manage the identities of internal and external users, secure corporate information from potential cyber threats, and streamline compliance initiatives. Oracle’s continuous focus on innovation has enabled it to develop industry- and business function-specific IAM solutions that ensure end-to-end cybersecurity regardless of the environment.

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