Top 5 Innovators in Identity & Access Management Software Market in 2020

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On 360Quadrants, Centrify Corporation, Kaseya, Micro Focus, SAP SE, and Zoho Corporation have been identified as Innovators in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions market for 2020 due to their focused product portfolios.

The competitive leadership mapping on 360Quadrants provides information on these five major players that are considered to be the best Innovators in the Identity and Access Management software market on 360Quadrants. Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product maturity and company maturity. Both categories include various criteria, based on which the vendors in this market have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product maturity include features & functionality and services. The evaluation criteria considered under company maturity include geographic footprint (based on geographic presence), deployment, and verticals.

Micro Focus (NetIQ)

Micro Focus (NetIQ) quickly and efficiently integrates Identity & Access Management strategies across local, mobile, and cloud environments. Its solutions use integrated identity information to create, edit, and retire identities and control their access as required. The company offers multiple products in its Identity & Access Management portfolio, including NetIQ Access Manager, NetIQ Advanced Authentication, NetIQ Change Guardian, NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator, NetIQ Identity Governance, NetIQ Identity Manager, NetIQ Privileged Account Manager, NetIQ SecureLogin, and NetIQ Self Service Password Reset.

Centrify Corporation

Centrify offers cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege solutions that provide privileged access management (PAM). The solution provides access to privileged user accounts via a shared account, password, or application passwords, provides a secure digital vault, and helps secure remote access. Centrify Privileged Access Service provides all of the above solutions and, additionally, secures administrative access via the jump box, enables workflow-driven access requests, and provides approvals as well as multi-factor-authentication (MFA) at the vault.


Kaseya Authanvil provides security-as-a-service (SECaaS) solutions that protect organizations from password-related breaches and provide secure access to business applications. Kaseya’s security framework and toolset are in line with the NIST approach. Kaseya offers Kaseya IT Complete, an integrated set of solutions that make IT infrastructure safer, more secure, and far easier to manage.


SAP Cloud Identity and Access Governance offers an in-built, dashboard-driven interface and a simple single sign-on (SSO) experience in the cloud. This solution swiftly and effectively installs identity & access management in complex on-premise and cloud environments. SAP supports complete access governance in order to ensure secure access and negate potential cyber risks.

Zoho Corporation

Zoho Identity Manager Plus from ManageEngine, the Enterprise IT Management Software division of Zoho Corporation, offers one-click access to applications and permits IT administrators to manage and monitor application access from a central console. Zoho Identity Manager Plus manages access to on-premises and SaaS-based enterprise applications and provides SSO for all applications that support the SAML protocol, including internal applications. The solution simplifies user management by allowing administrators to add and remove multiple users at the same time and revoke application access instantly if needed.

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