Top Business Intelligence Software’s and the Impact on Company Growth

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Business Intelligence Software is designed for the purpose of transforming raw data into actionable insights. A business intelligence software stores, cleans, analyses and presents data in a visual or graphical representation so the intel or story behind the data becomes clear. This helps stakeholders make more effective decisions quickly. Most of the business intelligence software tools store data on the cloud. As BI software tools handle huge volumes of data and can provide analysis and results in a quick manner, many organizations have invested in at least one application for their teams or organizations.

Top Vendors of Business Intelligence Software are –

  1. SAP Analytics Cloud – The SAP Analytics Cloud is an AI-powered tool that enables users to make business decisions by accessing all analytics capabilities in one place with a single user experience. The software provides users with instant results and eliminate bias and helps users to take the next best action.
  2. TableauTableau is a data visualization platform that helps users’ sort, clean and analyze data. Users can create interactive dashboard and present their data in an efficient and easy to use manner.Tableau helps stakeholders take quick decision based on the analysis and presented data.
  3. QlikViewQlikView offers Qlik Sense an analytical tool. It offers a powerful augmented intelligence and a governed multi-cloud architecture that supports a full range of analytics use cases at enterprise scale. It lets analyze data through various channels using powerful global search and selections and smart visualizations. It offers a limitless combination of data from any source irrespective of the size. It indexes every relationship within the data so users can easily discover insights and keep track of data.
  4. Zoho AnalyticsZoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics software that allows users to create visually appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes.It transforms huge amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards and tracks key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights.
  5. ActivTrakActiveTrak is a suite providing various analytical capabilities. It offers employee monitoring, remote workforce and productivity monitoring. Users can get intel about their workforces in an easy and efficient manner. It is a cloud-based platform that does not need much of installation. It provides deep insights to stakeholders on which activities are working towards meeting organization goals and which teams are lagging.
  6. Atlas – Atlas Systems’ BI and Analytics expertise enable users to create, enhance and expand business capability through insights driven decision making.Atlas Systems enables organizations of all sizes to gain fast and deep insights to their data and take right actions to ensure future success. Users are equipped to provide full application lifecycle support, including planning, designing, building, deploying, and supporting every stage of the business intelligence process.
  7. Bitrix24 – Bitrix24 provides a business intelligence platform for sales teams. Their platform sales Intelligence helps users to evaluate which marketing channel works the best and worth’s money spent.
  8. Bouquet – Bouquet provides a unique experience in data analysis and BI in the form of a chat option. The vision of the company is to provide an application that can users can user without too much technical know-how. Users can simple ask questions to Bouquet’s personal AI assistant Aristotle and the data will be analyzed and provided through AI and machine learning.
  9. Google Data StudioGoogle Data studio is an online platform that allows users to create various reports. It provides various templates so data can be presented in a visual context. It offers a variety of data reports that can be quickly created and shared with stakeholders in the team.
  10. Kato – Kato uses business intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning to create and share data in a simple manner. It allows users to connect data from various sources and build interactive dashboards.

Impact of Business Intelligence Software on Company Growth

Companies can tremendously benefit from using business intelligence tools. As organizations grow, they generate a huge volume of data. This data contains hidden intel and information that the organization can utilize. However, cleaning, sorting and maintain the data manually is impossible and impractical. Best Business Intelligence software can be utilized to bring out the hidden trends in the data.

Business Intelligence Software saves organizations valuable time and resources. Organization need not have MIS teams to handle the volumes of data, each team can manage their own MIS with the help of BI software and provide intel to the stake holders. With BI tools it becomes much easier and fast to identify and spot trends though AI and ML. This can help businesses to invest in areas where there can be profitable growth and cut losses in areas that are not generating revenue.

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