Top Remote Desktop Software and the Potential Issues faced with Remote Desktop Handling

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Best Remote desktop software allows a user to access, connect and interact with a computer in another location via internet or an internal network. The software enables the user to see and control a connected PC or laptop and its functions as if they were sitting directly in front of it. This type of software is helpful for collaborative work, technical support, and demonstrations. Remote desktop tools are used for technical problem solution.

Top Ten Vendors of Remote Desktop Software includes –

1 TeamViewer – TeamViewer is an easy to use remote support and access software that allows you to securely connect and monitor desktop-to-desktop, desktop-to-mobile, mobile-to-mobile, servers and IoT devices from anywhere at any time.

2 AnyDesk – AnyDesk is a proprietary remote desktop that allows for new usage scenarios and applications with its unique proprietary codec, DeskRT. AnyDesk provides virtually latency-free collaboration when the user is outside from a particular area.

3 ConnectWise Control – ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect) is a universal remote access software that offers fast, reliable and secure remote support, access and meeting solution. It provides an all-inclusive solution for remote support, remote access, and remote meetings.

4 Splashtop Business Access – Splashtop Business Access is a remote desktop platform for business professionals, individuals and teams. By using Splashtop Business Access, the users can remotely access their computers and shared computers with any device.

5 Zoho Assist – Zoho Assist is a simple, completely secure and affordable online support system that offers on-demand support to remote customers via web-based, unattended remote access and on-demand remote support sessions.

6 VNC Connect – VNC Connect is the most flexible, secure and screen sharing remote access software solution that enables users to remotely access and control devices in real-time, anywhere in the world at any time.

7 BeyondTrust Remote Support – BeyondTrust Remote Support (Bomgar Remote Support) is the best solution for leading organizations to provide secure, controlled access and support to nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world.

8 Microsoft Remote Desktop Services – Microsoft Remote Desktop Services also known as Terminal Services is a desktop virtualization solution for Microsoft Windows products. The platform offers secure remote access to computers.

9 RescueAssist – RescueAssist (GoToAssist) is an easy-to-use remote desktop support software for IT professionals. RescueAssist is an ITIL-based service desk management software that helps solve any technical issues instantly by providing web-based support to customers, end users, unattended computers and servers.

10 Goverlan Reach – Goverlan Reach is the most secure on-premises remote access software that provides remote IT support and automation to IT management, network and system admin tasks. It supports the users and their machines along with industry standard encryption and security.

Other vendors of Remote Desktop Software are MSP360, Rocket Software, Nanosystems, Techinline, Isl online, Devolutions, Vmware Inc, Solarwinds, Corel Corporation, Logmein Inc, TightVNC, GoToMyPC (LogMeIn), Ammyy, Remote Utilities, Fabrice Bellard, LogMeIn Rescue (LogMeIn), Google, Mobatek, Northbridge Secure, Servably, Ulteo, ShowMyPC, Codeweavers, Verismic Software Inc and Fine Point Technologies.

Potential Issues with Remote Desktop Software

  • Remote desktop software can face connectivity issues, as its entire operation works on internet connectivity. Network connectivity problem can slow down the work considerable.
  • Remote desktop software needs to have a strong endpoint protection software to protect the computers by remotely handling. There can be a risk of losing sensitive information from the computer or from an entire network system.
  • Remotely patching desktop machines can be difficult in case of hacked websites and attacked servers or browsers to execute remote code successfully. To patch a desktop vulnerability by sending people out to handle machines remotely can be unmanageable.
  • Remote desktop software relies on end device’s hardware functionality. The hardware issue does not allow to access the remote desktop efficiently.

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