Top Ten Learning Management System’s (LMS) and the Benefits of LMS during COVID-19

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Learning Management System (LMS) is a software that provides an online platform for learning material and learning activities for corporate as well as educational organizations. Users can create lessons, upload lectures, provide reference material, create and view assessments, post queries on forums etc. using an LMS software. Using Best Learning management system software, teachers or corporate trainers can reach their audience more efficiently and faster anywhere at any time. Due to easy accessibility and minimum time consumption, end users also prefer using learning management systems.

Top Ten Vendors in the Learning Management System Market

  1. SumTotal Systems – SumTotal’s Learning Management is a software platform that is aimed at corporate training. Its learning platform Percipio delivers expertly designed content. It aims to minimize the burden of constant learning material curation. It enhances content discovery and utilizes usage analytics in its platform. It offers it’s learning content on any platform be it mobile, desktop, tablet etc. and can be accessed from anywhere.
  2. Blackboard LearnBlackboard Learn provides simple tools and workflows that help instructors and learners stay organized and on track. Due to the simplicity of the user interface users can view content, take actions and communicate with each other easily. It also provides personalized recommendations based on user preference. 
  3. Oracle CorporationOracle, through its PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management (ELM), offers corporate organizations a platform to build the knowledge and skills of their existing and new-hire workforce. Organizations can select specific courses designed for specific skillsets and have employees undergo the course. It also keeps track of and record of all training and skills acquired by users.
  4. Adobe SystemsAdobe Systems provides a unique learning experience through Adobe Captivate Prime. The software enables users to upgrade their skills enabling the employee to perform better. It offers customization tools that can be used across different verticals. Third party content can also be accessed through Adobe Captivate Prime for a better learning experience.
  5. CrossKnowledge – The Cross Knowledge platform uses different cognitive processes to ensure learners develop both hard and soft skills via micro and macro learning. It offers a one stop shop for all needs. Users can develop an existing skill, learn a new one or choose from an external learning library. It also offers customization and a mix and match option. The platform uses advanced analytics to let users know what is working right and what is not working on based on their usage.
  6. Cornerstone – Cornerstone is an online learning platform that offers features such as certification for online content, gradebooks, categories to build various study modules. It also sends notification and reminders and allows users to track when their certification is experiencing if any.
  7. SABA Software–Saba provides tailored training and coaching plans for existing and new employees. The software motivates the employees to learn new skills on the go fostering a culture of performance.
  8. IBM Corporation – IBM provides its learning management software through Kenexa Learn. It offers learning management, social networking, collaboration and content sharing, mobile learning capabilities and content development and delivery.
  9. Docebo – Docebo Learn uses artificial intelligence to provide a powerful user interface for learners and instructors. It provides easy to use drag and drop options or widgets to create new training interfaces with no coding background. Pages can be customized accordingly to the target audience. Due to AI, searching course content is made more relevant and accurate as per the users’ preferences and usage. It also automates routine and administrative tasks leaving more room for users to create and learn.
  10. Absorb LMSAbsorb is a cloud-based LMS that offers a number of features such as content libraries, eCommerce, integrations, enhanced learner experience, mobile connectivity, performance monitoring and development, reporting and analytics,smart administration, learner engagement, machine learning and observational checklists. Absorb also provides robust customer services for all queries.

Other players in the industry include Brightspace, G-Cube, MPS Interactive Systems, Cypher Learning, Talent LMS, Bridge, Upside Learning Solutions, LearnUpon LMS, MindFlash, Geenio, Expertus, Schoology, Latitude Learning, 2U, Canvas, Cinch, Easyclass, Edmodo, e-think LMS, Frontline Professional Growth, Google Classroom, Growth Engineering, Inkryptis, iSpring Learn, Kannu and many more.

Benefits of LMS during COVID-19

Education institution has benefited tremendously from using Learning Management System during the COVID-19 pandemic which is widely spreading across the globe. As countries declare lockdown, instructors need to find new ways to keep their students engaged and classes going. A number of universities and schools have invested in LMS to ensure that students can stay connected with no disruption to their learning from the safety of their homes. Lectures and assignments are conducted online. Universities with existing online learning management system have already invested in providing more enhancing software to their students.

Many organizations are also utilizing and investing in LMS to provide more skills to their employees. While employees work from home, they are expected to contribute more to the organization to ensure organization growth. This has opened paths ways for employees to be crossed skilled and trained on many skills that they originally did not need in their current role. Organizations investing in learning platforms have risen to this opportunity and are utilizing their resources better to gain more efficiency.

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