Supercharge Your Video Conferencing With Zoom

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Video conferencing Software is a visual communication session between two or more users regardless of their location, featuring audio and video content transmission in real-time. Video conferencing software empowers online communication for audio meetings, video meetings, and seminars, with built-in features such as chat, screen sharing, and recording. Video conferencing is a modern high-tech communication tool for increasing efficiency for businesses, optimizing and accelerating decision-making processes, and cutting customers and company staff travel costs.One of main benefits of video conferencing are effective meetings which helps in the exchange of non-verbal communications and a better sense of community among business calls, which include inside and outside companies, also with customers. This software enables remote meetings based on VoIP, online video and messaging options, file and screen sharing. The ongoing benefits of video conferencing solutions includes non-requirement of in-person attendance which convenient to daily meeting and also improving client relationships.

Zoom- Video conferencing Software

Zoom is the ideal web meeting software for users who want to simply and effectively connect with customers and clients remotely. It also has Chrome and Linux OS support for increased flexibility and secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to guarantee secure communications.

Zoom features are as follows

  • Unlimited voice and video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Vvideo webinars
  • Virtual workspaces

It is a cloud-based video conferencing software solution. It helps companies, educational institutions, financial organizations, health care, and government sectors to conduct virtual meetings. Zoom also allows to collaborate in real-time using integrated communication tools. Zoom users can use HD video and audio to virtually communicate with meeting participants in any video call. Zoom Video conferencing Software defined by remote working and globalisation, video provides businesses with a way to maintain face-to-face interactions between disparate members of staff. Zoom is well known and best option for companies or organizations that require access to faster and easy video for internal and external conferencing.

Zoom Benefits include:


It has made changes to its security strategy which has been raised during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new features implemented enhance its security. For Example all meetings now require host permission and a password to join

Excellent support:

Zoom provides best user  support which includes phone support available through multiple time zones.


One can schedule meetings in advance from Zoom app, that can be integrated with other calendars, which include, Microsoft and google.

Advanced features:

Some new benefits is that is updated timely and one of the recent one is virtual backgrounds. There is even touch-up functionalities tool for those who are worried about wrinkles

Immersive co host controls:

Host controls has good control over meeting and he can create co-host for meetings if your working  another consultant.

Best Engaging tool:

It helps company to keep their team engaged with small but powerful features like virtual hand-raising and other useful functionalities.


Unlimited meetings: One can host as multiple vidoe meeting there is no restriction.

HD video: It supports HD video up to 720p.

Active speaker view: It automatically detects the person who is speaking and mark or display their their video feed.

Gallery view: It is a feature that helps participants to see up to 25 video feeds at one time.

Simultaneous screen share: Multiple participants can share their screen at one time.

Integrations: It integrates with Chrome and Outlook which helps to schedule meetings straight from Google Calendar or Outlook.

Recording: One can record meetings and save them directly to your computer or store them in the cloud.

Host controls: Host has the full control of the video conference which includes control of each participant’s audio, video feed and screen-sharing capabilities.

Raise hand: All participants can alert the host when they have a question, even if they are muted.

Group messaging: One participant can share or send group texts, files, screen captures and pictures to one another participant or participants.

Presence: One can see from his team members who is available or busy for a meeting schedule.

Reporting: Main administrator can use reports to know total meetings that are taking place in their organization. He can also see the details of those meetings and conferences like  which day and date and number of people attendting and how much time they spent. .

Assign scheduler: Once canassign another persion to schedule meetings for you.

Cloud recording transcripts: One can access transcripts of meetings that are recorded in the cloud infra.

Virtual background: It offers user the multiple option of using a virtual background without a green screen.

HD Audio & Video

One can use HD video and audio to virtual meetings. It can support around 1000 video participants and 49 videos on screen.

Built-in collaboration tools

Multiple participants can share their screens. They can also co-annotate for a more real time and interactive meeting.

Meet securely

Security features have been enhanced like encryption for all meetings. User security based on role, password protection, waiting rooms, and place attendee on hold.

Option to record and searchable transcripts

One can record meetings in their hard disk or cloud. It has also option of searchable transcripts.

Streamline the Calendar

It supports scheduling which includes meetings from Outlook, Gmail, or iCal.

Team Chat

One can easily scale from one to one call to group calls. Group chat, history, integrated file sharing and archive till 10 years.

Other features include whiteboarding, single sign-on, breakout rooms, SSL encryption, company branding and vanity URLs. It can integrate with 350 plus programs, some of the prominent ones are

  • Hubspot
  • Slack
  • Zendesk
  • Google Drive
  • Marketo
  • DocuSign
  • Evernote
  • Atlassian Jira
  • Trello
  • Zoho CRM

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