Essential Features of Fleet Management Software

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Fleet management facilitates the process of storing, sending, and receiving information to take control of objects at a distance. With the rise of online sales, retailers and logistic providers are also looking for efficient ways to deliver the products at a lower cost. The software will help in managing drivers, dispatchers, and vehicles. It will also identify factors contributing to increased cost, be it driver’s behavior or vehicle maintenance. Some of the benefits of using best Fleet Management Software are planned routes, enhanced visibility, improved driver safety, lower fuel consumption, and ensuring compliance with regulations by minimizing carbon emission. The market is expected to grow from USD 19 930 million in 2020 to USD 34,071 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 11.3% during the forecast period.

Essential Features that your Fleet Management Software must have

Real-time GPS tracking

The GPS tracking device is one of the most important features in the fleet management system; once the device is installed onto the device, one can get real-time location and movement updates of any vehicle. Since it is important for retailers and logistic providers to better manage their fleets, the main agenda is to be aware of what is happening and to be able to take proper actions in case of delays.

Analysis of driver’s behavior & their retention

Another fascinating feature that fleet management software offers is measuring a driver’s behavior. What it means to analyze a driver’s behavior is to analyze harsh braking, acceleration, speeding, and over idling. One can also share the feedback with drivers and help in preventing accidents and reducing fuel costs.

Apart from this analysis, the software also takes care of calculating driver earnings, driver scheduling, and permission management. Another big issue that keeps coming is driver turnover and retention; it is a well-known fact that drivers quit jobs due to various reasons, and of the reasons is complexed protocol.

This can be avoided by making sure that drivers have clear visibility; they must have an automated app to guide them when do they need to scan an item or take signatures and other such tasks. This will simplify the task for drivers and which, in turn, will ultimately also benefit the firm.


This, as the name suggests, alarms the person in charge of the activity if the threshold is breached. The alarm feature is useful for firms to quickly act in case of any emergency, it also allows users to create custom alarms as per their requirements. For example, one is delivering temperature-sensitive items, so one can set the alarm accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

It is essential to acquire as much data as possible on both macro and granular levels to attain maximum efficiency. The software, with the help of AI, applies the algorithm and identifies the area of opportunity. Besides increasing efficiency, it also helps in building brand loyalty and enhance the overall experience.

Fuel Management

Efficiently consuming fuel is an important part of fleet management as fuel cost represents a large part of the budget of a firm. The fleet management software will allow one to monitor fuel 24/7 and also send alert notifications in case of leaks or theft, and it will also allow one to monitor how often vehicles are refueled or drained.

Route Management & No-go zones

Correct routes save a lot of money for the firm. Hence it is an essential part of fleet management software to help in route planning. The software must be customizable and must allow one to decide the best route-based on a variety of constraints. The software let one choose the parameters based on which it must suggest the route options. Apart from planning the best route, the software must also restrict fleets from traveling through restricted areas, for example: frozen roads or landslide-prone areas.

Scalability and Integration Firms fear to shift to new technology because they think about what will happen to their existing technology. It is important to find software that can integrate with your existing solutions across the supply chain; just as fleet management must be able to work with existing technology, it must be flexible enough to readily adapt to business needs. Hence, it’s advisable to look for scalable software that can be customized according to the requirements. Scalability is not something that occurs only when one expands business but might also occur during peak seasons.

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