Here is a list of must-have features of Webinar Software

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Webinars are virtual seminars that facilitate interactions between a conductor and its audience. The audience may vary in size from few employees during a training session to a large-scale conference. In this process, the conductor and their supply will always remain singular. Webinars may be in online events such as sales presentations, pieces of training, government briefings, and products introductions. The Best webinar software lets customers interact with a larger range of your target audiences with premium video and audio.

Webinar software system helps in developing presentations that align with whole company pointers and supply alternative customizations. This leads to improved audience engagement and makes a webinar much more interactive. Webinar software tools are similar to web conferencing and audio-conferencing software. The core purpose is to connect several viewers to one authority. Webinar software must have at least these features to be included in the category:

  • It is built for multiple presenters with many or perhaps thousands of attendees in live webinar sessions.
  • It should be able to capture lead and register.
  • It is used for the creation of engaging shows and videos for widespread viewing.
  • It should perform performance tracking and audience analytics.

Webinars have been a significant selling and engagement tool for years. Throughout the pandemic, the utilization of virtual events skyrocketed. Between February and March of 2020 alone, the number of B2B brands within US increased live webinars by 36 %. Whether or not your company is accustomed to hosting virtual events, you should familiarize yourself with the newest webinar trends. Let’s take a glance at what alternative brands do and inspire ourselves to enhance the company’s webinar strategy.

Following are the required features in a Webinar Software for keeping your business uptight:

Live interactions and keeping audiences engaged

Gone are the times when a virtual presenter shares their screen and line of work every day. Interactive webinars are on-trend. Features such as live polls, chat, and different time attendant engagement tools rework the standard of one-sided webinars into a dynamic voice communication that pulls the audience into the enhanced experience.

Attendees’ capacity

Depending upon the size of the business, lookout for a solution that offers scalability. You must engage with thousands of people and have a scalable live video panelist interaction system. To host large conferences with multiple panelists, you will not want panelists to interact one at a time as it will be tedious and increase the presentation time.

Email notification

Your webinar software should automate your presentation as much as possible, plus take care of post-presentation preps.  It should allow you to automatically send reminder emails to your registrants with all the crucial information about your presentation. This is more like an after-sales service where users can always look up to their email and be confident of any future actions that they want to take related to the content presented during the presentation.

Analytics and reporting

This is one of the essential features you will need to have a better hold on your audience. You will receive powerful insights about your presentation, which will prepare you for upcoming presentations. It will prompt you about the number of attendees, Q&A, polling, etc. It will create reports and display them on a dashboard for a better understanding of the scenario.

Live streaming integrations

Use custom service integrations like YouTube Live and Facebook Live to share your social media event.

Host controls

You should be able to decide who gets to talk as a panelist, and you must be able to promote attendees to panelists.

Event help

While a webinar, you will not want to make blunders and give the best presentation. You will not want all your hard work to go unnoticed due to a lack of technical assistance. Thus, your webinar software should allow you to practice, set up, and execute your events with the assistance of a skilled consulting team.

Media library

It will be a tedious job if you have to import files each time you give the presentation. To avoid that, look for Webinar Software that allows you to have all of your pictures, videos, logos, and templates stored systematically in a media library to save your effort and time.


Checking on audience attendance, seeing what number of folks engaged via live chat, what number of attendees clicked on your offer, and more can be views neatly in statics format.

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