How COVID-19 Impacted Brightidea’s Business

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The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has impacted every business and industry. It has completely changed the way businesses operate. Businesses have started with working from home, and hence remote collaboration is needed. During such a situation, bringing changes in an organization can be tedious as well as risky at the same time. But innovation cannot stop due to COVID-19, and businesses must keep on innovating newer processes.

Like other organizations, Brightidea also underwent numerous changes in its business processes due to COVID-19. The company started off with different initiatives and once again led the best innovation management software in the market. Firstly, let us discuss about few changes that Brightidea brought into its own organization. Brightidea handled the COVID-19 pandemic by making work from home mandatory for its employees. It imposed restrictions on travel and large gatherings, besides ensuring that the cloud infrastructure is not disturbed, and, as always, the support team of Brightidea was available 24/7 for any queries.

Brightidea instituted mandatory work from home and ensured its customers and partners were provided service via videoconference, email, or phone. It took actions that help in controlling the virus spread. Brightidea service is deployed on the cloud by AWS with comprehensive backup policies. The company made sure that the disaster recovery plan is in place along with the infrastructure that is compliant with certifications like SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and CSA.

Brightidea focused on client retention as well as on building new client relationships by offering a free trial of its products to potential clients. Since every business process was done remotely, Brightidea proved to be a boon for multiple organizations as it improved the business outcome for them. Along with the free trials, the company offered products on budget price so that innovation would not be hampered in any way. With on-cloud software and 24/7 customer support from Brightidea, managing and implementing the innovation process have been easy for clients.

Apart from this, to tackle the pandemic, Brightidea and MIT are health hacking COVID-19 through remote collaboration. MIT focuses its resources, folks, and technology on obtaining resolutions to overcome problemsfor patients, people, and organizations fighting this virus. Brightidea partnered with MIT to provide a universal platform for doctors, scientists, engineers, and patients to help them in collaborating and health hacking.

#HackCOVID19 initiative took place post this partnership, which came up with an online forum for numerous discussions and idea creation. Remote collaboration is extremely important for tackling this pandemic. The partnership between Brightidea and MIT sets an example for the entire business world, showing how such pandemic situations can be tackled by coming together.

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