Opportunities and obstacles while using help desk software

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Help desk software provides a platform that enables customer care operators to process user requests as well as provide information and support regarding the company’s product or services. This software is used by customer care associates to streamline processes and perform analytics to provide relevant information and keep customers engaged across all communication channels.

The software usually uses a ticketing method to solve customer queries. The ticket is raised and saved in a centralized location that can be accessed by any agent for easy follow up. The help desk software market is expected to reach USD 11 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 33%.

Opportunities that the use of help desk software presents for your organization

Zero Lost & Duplicate Requests

An organization can generate numerous tickets in a day, and in the absence of a centralized platform, these tickets may be lost. Using help desk software will prevent this from happening. All tickets that are raised are logged in a centralized database where any agent can access them and follow up. Another issue that organizations face is duplicate tickets; to eliminate this, help desk software assigns the ticket to a user and saves basic contact information such as email ID or phone number, which serve as a unique ID. Thus, in case of a repeated query, no duplicate tickets are generated.

Reporting Facility

Best Help desk software stores information related to the ticket as well as agent performance and information that can be used to check team effectiveness. It allows organizations to analyze and provide management insights into workflow patterns and helps the organization assign and understand roles. It can ascertain peak customer query hours and distribute the workflow accordingly. The software also analyzes common customer issues and helps in improving the product or service.

Centralized Platform

Organizations maintain staggered schedules to make sure that the help desk is always covered. In this manner, organizations can provide assistance 24×7. However, due to heavy traffic, chaos and confusion can ensue. A centralized ticketing system allows all agents to track the status of customer requests, review ticketing notes, raise a new ticket, and carry out many other related activities.

Individual Ownership

Knowing that their names are attached to a ticket through its life cycle gives agents a sense of ownership toward their contributions. Ticketing makes it easy for agents to get in touch with each other over unsolved issues. In case of escalations to higher-level agents, existing notes of the earlier working agent can be reviewed.

Working remotely

Online help desk software solutions include a cloud component making it easier to work together remotely. Cloud also solves the problem of accessing the same files or accessing them from anywhere at any time.

Automation and Structuring

Automation is beneficial for any management system as it saves a lot of time and effort that can be redirected to other tasks. Help desk software can be organized into multiple tiers: for instance, tier 1 can be a self-assisted online portal with other tiers such as 2 and 3 that can be made up of technicians with more knowledge and skills. In this way, organizations can achieve increased productivity.

End-user Surveys

Help desk software helps in evaluating agent performance; customers can give feedback based on the efficiency of the agent in resolving the issue. Agents can be assessed on responsiveness, speed of resolution, and other parameters.

Obstacles in using help desk software for your organization


Generally, help desk software is costlier than shared inbox and other such solutions. Organizations can go for self-hosted software that they can install or opt for a software as a service solution hosted by a third party. Even though it is a costlier solution, it is helpful in the longer run. Considering the time wasted without this software, its use could be a relative bargain.

Training Implement a new help desk software solution will require time to train agents to understand and accelerate the process. While selecting a help desk software, simplicity is key to ensure rapid integration and production.

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