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Global Trade Management simplifies and manages the entire process of global trade including logistics, orders, reconciliation, along with process automation, and various other activities to considerably enhance the productivity and cash flow. Global trade is more complexed than domestic trade, more documentation is involved which is easily managed if the process gets digitalized. Apart from this the volume of global is substantial and it will keep on growing hence adapting to the latest trends is equally important and if all implementation and execution go well, there are dramatic operational and cashflow benefits.

When it comes to Best Global trade management software, organizations may face numerous challenges that can affect their business. Below are few challenges in global trade management:

  • Delayed shipments 
  • Penalties and fines
  • Tedious duty and tax calculations
  • Increased spending on logistics
  • Keeping track of negotiations
  • Trying not to miss on any important documentation process

Surprisingly there is not much digitalization across the Global Trade Management platform but the increasing volume and COVID-19 scenario have given quite a push to go digital instead of doing things manually. Global Trade Management is a sequential process that has very standardized operating procedures.

These challenges can have impact on organization’s business. What if you get the solution that can overcome such encounters? Shipsy is the solution that can take care of this. Shipsy is one of the leading players offering Global Trade Management Software. Wondering how it can help your organizations? Here you will find the reasons why you should go for Shipsy to optimize your Global trade management business.

Shipsy is an off-shelf platform, a perfect use case of digital transformation that equips partners with information and intelligence to achieve their goals of sustainable business. Shipsy automates the entire process from pre-shipment to post-shipment and offer various features to further enhance the process.

Pre-shipment: Price procurement from freight forwarders and shipping lines, includes RFQs and Spot Inquiries, facilitates following actions 

  • Digital inquiry creation and floating it through Shipping Lines and Forwarder Portals
  • Incremental bidding rounds
  • Bid comparison and rankings
  • Intelligent reference rates
  • Pro-active bidding and rate revisions
  • Smarter negotiations through Chats
  • Manage amendments to line items

Now these features help in reducing freight costs, improving process efficiency, and better respond TATs

During Shipment: The execution process of shipment includes task management, documentation handling, communications process, and export/import process, Shipsy helps by helping in the following ways

  • Multiple configurable workflows
  • Milestone based event tracking
  • Detail sharing across stakeholders
  • Task deadlines and related alerts
  • Audit level information of all tasks
  • Offers chatbox – single communication channel to coordinate with users.

These features will add value by avoiding incidental charges.             

Post-shipment: Trace and track the containers, involves dashboard with analytical skills, alert system, and container tracking system & has following features

  • Single screen curated tracking system
  • Auto alerts on exceptions such as delays, ETAs, detention, demurrage, etc.
  • Internal reference No.s, product, and customer tagging
  • Automated Daily Shipment Reports aka DSRs to customers
  • Advanced analytics and insights.

How does Shipsy add value to your Global Trade Management Business?

Shipsy is well-known for its multifaceted value capture for end customers, their platform acts as a single source of truth where various features help in adding value to your business. They help customers in preparing well-defined accountabilities, thresholds, and alerts that in turn creates clarity for their business. Shipsy will offer you, 

Enhanced Visibility: All the data is collated on a single platform, and it helps in smooth communication across all the stakeholders. It helps in creating accountability internally or externally for an individual or department. It keeps customers well informed and enhances the customer experience. Alerts will be sent if any threshold is breached, and customers need not check the status on multiple portals instead they will have a unified dashboard that will help them in making informed decisions. Shipsy will also let users create shipment reports and can share that with their clients.

Procurement of Rates: Shipsy offers multimodal freight procurement i.e. via ocean, air, and land, theyhave various trusted shipping lines and freight partners to procure the best rates between multiple port pairs, data can easily be synced port pair wise with the ERP systems to create RFQ plans. The RFQs will receive bids for periodic planned shipments and the bidding will be based on ranks and proactive rate revisions. These negotiations can be done smartly through ‘Chats’ 

Track and Trace: Keeps track of entire container shipment across all shipping lines, this can be attained through multiple methods:

  • Tracking the shipment through BL number
  • Tracking the shipment through container number
  • Tracking the shipment through booking number vehicles

The shipment tracking also works as a smart container tracking system that has strong analytical skills and provides powerful insights.

Payables: Helps with reconciliation of invoices, manages discrepancies, and offers dispute management, invoice aging, and tax views. Shipsy provides neutral information and lets end users take the business in their hands completely with absolute transparency, it facilitates the smooth functioning of the entire process.

Benefits of choosing Shipsy

  • 10% decrease in freight charge
  • 90% decrease in incidental expenses
  • Enhanced shipment planning
  • Saves on detention & storage charges, demurrage, and container shutouts
  • 2.2x client experience
  • Offers customizable workflow
  • Reduce chances of human error
  • Robust system
  • Offers many modules, but customers can choose the modules that they find useful and those will only be integrated
  • Consumers can deploy newly released APIs
  • All negotiations captured and documented

Quickly schedule the demo for Shipsy Global Trade Management Software and start optimizing your global trade with multiple benefits.

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