Top 5 Collaboration Software for Small Businesses

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Collaboration software enables numerous users and scattered teams to operate together on a single project from any location and from various devices. Best Collaboration software is available in several varieties with diverse features. Some of these are supple and allow users to alter almost every option, while some are constricted in settings, but are so precise, that they comprise all the options their users might ever need. Most of the contemporary collaboration software is web-based and can be run directly in the browsers without the requirement for any extra standalone applications.

Top 5 Collaboration Software for Small Businesses

Prevalent collaboration software also serves businesses as a communication tool and is meant specifically to help project management teams. It has the capability to sync all project info in a single location while encouraging more informed decision-making for both, agents as well as project team members. The software helps businesses improve department and team performance by restructuring contributions. It collects and rationally displays project status information, making sure that all users comprehend it. Businesses also get incentives, which can significantly aid employees in carrying out their different tasks and assignments. Monday is equipped with a smooth interface which is intended for collaboration. The app can be freely used after installation as its ease of use does not require the need for user training.


Wrike collaboration software helps businesses accelerate projects in both, distributed as well as co-located teams. It is supple enough to support collaboration with the help of a singular console. The platform helps users schedule, monitor, order, and deliberate work and project progress, all in real-time, with just a few clicks. Businesses can simply sign up and get a Wrike free trial here and learn more about the features firsthand at no charge and without obligation. It is laden with info management and business collaboration features that are meant to enhance business performance. The interface is easy to navigate, making project management easy for personnel and managers alike. It is equipped with the best security features which guarantee that only pertinent personnel get to access critical project information.


Enterprise-grade collaboration software Clarizen syndicates project management and social engagement competencies. Its social collaboration capability aligns project teams towards implementing ideas. This cloud-deployed software is not only simple to deploy, but easier to use. Its ability to enhance team performance has made it the software of choice for several organizations around the globe. The system links projects, tasks, and conversations, helping companies achieve success. Companies also get to quicken the way they manage their projects, work, and initiatives.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has been created to guarantee project completion while enhancing productivity. It is equipped with several features that encourage collaboration and increase project monitoring. With the help of this software, projects can be planned in advance with the help of task lists. Projects are fragmented into smaller tasks, making them simpler to manage. Subtasks, reliance, and recurrent tasks are arranged so that users are able to meet their deadlines. Thorough but easy-to-understand graphs and charts are produced by the software from which critical insights may be derived. Zoho Projects is virtually free of any maintenance as it can track bugs, test the system, and fix it if required.


Hive is a cloud-based collaboration software which has been designed for use by teams of any size. It is equipped with several features such as task management, file sharing, etc. The platform helps businesses with the creation and management of tasks for any project team member. These tasks can be tailored to accommodate attachments and show labels and deadlines. Project development can be tracked while targets and workloads can be changed. The software also provides Gantt charts which can be used in planning distinct tasks. The solution integrates easily with Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox, making files available from a single dashboard. Files may be shared by attaching them to actions or dragging and dropping them into messages.

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