Top 5 VPN Software for Windows OS

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VPN Software is a tool that allows users to create a secure, encrypted connection over a computer network such as the Internet. The platform was developed to allow for secure access to business applications and other resources. VPNs are usually deployed through local installation or by logging on to a service website. To give you an idea as to how VPN works, the software allows your computer to basically exchange keys with a remote server through which all data traffic is encrypted and kept secure and safe from prying eyes. It lets you browse the Internet without the worry of being tracked, monitored, and identified without permission.

Top Five VPN Software for Windows OS


ExpressVPN leads this list of the best VPN software solution for Windows since it is ahighly comprehensive package. Not only is the software attractive in looks but is also easy to use. Additionally, it includes some top of the line configuration selections as well as some truly useful extra features. At its core, ExpressVPN makes use of the tried-and-trusted AES-256 encryption on its servers to guarantee that the user data is as protected as much as possible, and also allows users to choose among a number of protocols to tailor the VPN performance in terms of speed or eventual security.


NordVPN is one of the most prevalent VPNs meant for security, with an excellent range of security features such as Double VPN and Onion over VPN. The syndicate that with robust DNS leak defense, two kill switches, IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols and outstanding connection speeds and the users have a very imposing Windows 10 VPN software indeed. The Windows client is P2P suitable and offers a nice modest interface, which makes it a brilliant choice for torrenting. Over and above this, connection speeds are above normal, so that whatever the users do, they are not held up as they use Nord.


If a business wants to spend very little on their Windows VPN but yet needs a first-class service, they can directly considerSurfshark. For less than USD 2.50 per month, they can get most of the functionalities accessible in VPNs costing twice as much. As in ExpressVPN, though, Surfshark is also best for streaming and unclogging mostly all the streaming services available. That, along with imposing connection speeds, makes it a very attractive choice for casual users. Surfshark also provides an around-the-clock live chat support service in case anything goes wrong, and in truth its minor restrictions only make the process of using this Windows 10 VPN an easier task.

Hotspot Shield

If businesses need good speed at a reasonable budget, Hotspot Shield is a fine Windows VPN. With the help of its exclusive Catapult Hydra protocol, it can reach speeds over twice those that any other VPN can provide. Hotspot Shield can provide users with access to just about any streaming service, at any location – which comprises Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, etc. Paying users will be able to cover all their devices with Hotspot’s five concurrent connections and complete suite of apps, and they will also be able to put the SmartVPN choice to use – which functions likewise to split tunneling.


IPVanish is an outstanding Windows VPN, and offers great credentials to match its impressive performance. With over 1,500 servers, they are bound to find a rapid connection where they want it, and no matter which the users choose, they will be able to torrent.IPVanish’s Windows client distinguishes itself from the crowd – as compared to the uncluttered offerings from most other service providers. Businesses also get a scrolling graph displaying their connection speed, plus displays of their IP address, data up and down, and time connected.

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