Top must-have features of Hotel Management Software

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Hotel Management Software is used as a platform that effectively allows owners and hotel operators to streamline their everyday tasks and keeps operations flowing smoothly; it is not only important for running day-to-day operations but also for the overall guest experience. It was valued at USD 7.35 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.9% from 2020 to 2026. The software is a combination of traditional systems such as POS and new tools to optimize everyday functions like inventory management, resource management, taking orders, and booking rooms.

Some of the top features of Hotel Management Software:

User-friendly interface

It is important to pay attention to the interface when choosing the perfect best hotel management software. The purpose of the software is to make tasks easier and not to slow down. A user-friendly interface will be easier to learn and will save a lot of time by handling operations efficiently.

Clear visibility

Another important factor to be considered while searching for hotel management software is that it must offer clear visibility. The grid must provide clear visibility about one’s guests, such as payment-related information, check-in/check-out dates, any important event that is happening, highlighting returning guests, and others. The more one will know about guests, the better will be able to serve them.


Not just managers run the hospitality industry, but a lot of other members also play a very important role such as staff members, chefs, and housekeeping teams. Now to be able to serve guests in the best way would be avoiding delays of any kind, the members of the hotel should not have to run to the backend office to check details. The software must be device friendly so that guest-related information can easily be accessed through mobiles/tabs. This will save a lot of time plus enhance the customer experience.

Guest Profiles

Guest profile saves a lot of information related to guests, which in turn is useful to provide a great experience. It saves information such as birthdays, anniversaries, contact information, stays history, and even preferences, so all these things help in delivering a personalized experience during their stays.

Housekeeping Management

An important feature of any business is its coordination among all the members. The hotel management software must let the housekeeping members mark/update room-related information such as clean, dirty and, out-of-order rooms. Having all this information stored at one centralized location enhances the front desk visibility of rooms and helps the housekeeping to manage unplanned situations like early check-ins.

Easy invoice

Post-check-out, most guests want a copy of their bills; the software must be quickly able to gather all information related to guests’ stay. Apart from that, the software must also be able to provide invoice reconciliation related to rooms, vendors, and inventory.


All business owners hope their business to develop in the future, but they may not know to what degree. Hence, it is vital to look for a platform that will scale along with their business.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

The software must offer a centralized platform to check the performances, business intelligence measures performances against various parameters and, analyze various aspects to generate powerful reports. This helps make one aware of the areas one needs to focus on more.

Appropriate Accounting Software

It is important to have robust software, which is up to date with the newest rules of accounting. It will help one in streamlining invoices, billing processes, and others. Hotels of all sizes must have appropriate integration between their Property Management System and accounting software as it saves a lot of time.

Payment Options

Unlike older days, guests do not make use of cheques or cash; instead, they expect access to major payment gateways. Hence, one will want software that can smoothly integrate with payment processors allowing guests to pay through credit cards, debit cards, and UPIs.


As we already know there is so much user-related information on the software, It is vital to take care of sensitive information and keep front-line staff accountable with detailed user logs. In the current scenario, consumers demand high security of their data. Thus, it is important that staff have access to information, which is necessary to perform core tasks, and do not have access to sensitive information such as credit card details.

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