Types and Features of Email Marketing Software

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Email marketing platform is the act of sending messages to a group of people by using email format. It helps businesses deliver a commercial message via emails to a current or potential customer. The software arranges email communication amongst businesses and their clients. It helps the user handle mailing lists, improve marketing campaign efficiency, strengthen brand acknowledgment, and endorse new products and services. Email marketing helps send email messages to enhance the merchant’s relationships with current or previous customers, promoting customer loyalty and business transactions, convincing current customers, and acquiring new customers to make more purchases, etc.

Email marketing is one of the most commonly used ways to reach, engage, and market your products to potential customers. This is a basic tool that creates a list of email IDs and sends messages to the people on the created list. These tools have the ability to contain a large number of contact lists, create first-class HTML messages, and also track the user interaction on their messages.

Email marketing has two objectives that are to build loyalty and trust and increase brand awareness. Currently, the US holds the largest market share of email marketing solutions in the world, followed by China and other geographic markets like Japan, Canada, and European nations.

Types of Email marketing software

Direct sales

Direct email’s primary purpose is to send an email only to communicate a promotional message to its end users. Organizations can collect a list of prospects’ or current customers’ email addresses and send direct promotional messages such as special offers about a product or a product catalog.

Newsletter emails

Newsletter email marketing solutions enable users to send newsletters to deliver superior content such as articles, instructions, guides, and announcements related to products and customers’ interests. This can be used as an effective communication tool.

Loyalty emails

Loyalty emails can be used to focus on the topmost customers and recipients for lead nurturing and sales. Loyalty emails are usually tailor-made and can take the forms of newsletters, reminders, and transactional notifications.

Transactional emails

Transactional email’s primary purpose is to alleviate, convey, and confirm a piece of commercial information usually activated on a customer’s action with a company. The transactional email messages include purchase or order confirmation emails, order status emails, dropped basket messages, password reset emails reorder emails, and email receipts, etc.


Autoresponders send multi-tiered emails based on the recipient’s response. This tool enables users to map their key emails to various paths. Autoresponders can be used to send welcome and thank-you messages. Basically, email marketing software uses autoresponder as a lead generation tool.

Key advantages of email marketing software

Email marketing software can automate the entire campaign process, including sorting the addresses into groups, pasting the messages, scheduling the emails, and generating feedback reports.  It can send 1,000 emails in one sitting while reducing the time to arrange everything manually.

• Email software enables you to expand targeted market reach at significantly lower costs than traditional ways like TV, radio, and print media.

• Email marketing software can offer more detailed and accurate post-campaign analytics. The user can accurately calculate the cost-benefit ratio and describe each campaign’s budget with a detailed feedback report.

• Email software helps launch various campaign series. The user can provide interesting content for recipients, deals to stimulate repeat buys, or simply update customers with the latest product offerings. It allows you to raise your direct line to customers to nourish their loyalty, interest, and evoke more buys, thereby extending your market reach.

Best Email marketing software encourages accountability of campaigns. The user can track each campaign’s key metric details like open rate, click-through rate, engagement level, etc. As marketing campaigns are measurable down to the key metrics, the user can set the best method of email campaigns, and this will help reduce risks, create brand awareness, and generate more revenues.

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