Website builder software: In a Nutshell & why should you choose it for your business?

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Firstly, what is Website Builder Software? This software works as an editor tool and lets users create their website without having to know much technical know-how. It has a drag and drop option, layouts to choose from, and templates to avoid manual code editing. One can choose any template using this software that suits requirements, put content in it, and just publish. There can be two kinds of end users, either for individual use or commercial. The website builder software market is expected to reach USD 13,600 million by 2026 from USD 7,210 million in 2019, at a CAGR of 9% during the forecast period.

There can be three ways to deploy:

  • On-premises website builder: It’s a platform that one can install on the server or a third-party server and is mostly used by people who are looking for in-depth customization.
  • Cloud website builder: This platform will provide basic features and will charge one if one wants to scale a business or need more than just basic features.
  • Web host: This platform offers web hosting facilities and all technical services; it focuses less on the building part rather they provide all the technical services.

Following are the features that Best Website builder software will offer:


This feature will let the user change the feel of the website; it will have multiple layouts to choose from and templates that can be selected according to the user’s preference. The user can not only change the background or color but might also be able to customize it even more if the software allows access to a few HTML/CSS codes.

User-friendly interface

The purpose of this software is that it can be used by anyone, even if they have no technical background; it is simple and straightforward.

Good quality templates and layouts and form builders

The software offers good quality templates and is user-friendly. It will not yield results, plus it will waste users’ time and effort. The software lets the user easily create forms with customizable fields that fit your need. Examples of forms can be a registration form, contact form, and feedback form.

Pre-populated page layouts

This feature comes in handy for users who wish to add more pages as the design template will provide only the basic design elements such as layout, color, background, and font. Currently, the pre-populated page comes with a placeholder for images, texts, and other elements.

e-Commerce services

If the user wants to sell items through the website, one must be sure that the chosen best website builder software comes with e-Commerce solutions and tools. Some software might offer a built-in online store, whereas some might just offer integration with a third-party application.

Custom domain name

Initially, when the user starts building a website, he/she is generally assigned a temporary site address, but later, when user needs to publish the website, the software must let you use a custom domain if needed.

Analytics and reports

The website builder software must let one determine the performance by helping identify which pages work well and which do not. It should let the user track daily visitors and help understand the probable areas of opportunities.

Social media platforms should be integrated

Social media integration and sharing buttons are essential; it should let one share or like. The software will let the user add links to other social media platforms too.

What benefits would it offer?

Easily accessible

One can edit the website at any time from any given place. It is the cloud service people go for, so it provides the flexibility to easily access by simply logging into your accounts.

No technical skills needed

No programming or technical skill is required; offer users the drop and drag technology with a user-friendly interface. It allows ordinary people to drop images at the right place, put in the text wherever needed, and other such functionalities can be performed easily.

Multiple in-built applications

All website builder software comes with multiple in-built applications and tools that can be used to add functionalities to the website, few are free applications, and few are paid; users can select according to their needs.

Easy maintenance

The website can quickly be created in just no time, and it is also easy to maintain. With regular maintenance, one can keep creating and updating new content with a new style to keep the audience excited.

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